Supporting the Customer Data Base of The World’s Largest Furniture Retailer

Supporting the Customer Data Base of The World’s Largest Furniture Retailer

Intectics’ work consists of maintaining the support database (ODB), which assists in managing the loyalty program for customers at the largest furniture retailer in the world. It helps to synchronize the data according the the Retailer’s central IT as well as the Marketing databases. It can be done weekly or daily.

Components Of Intectics

The system that Intectics supports is made up of several major components.

An app is used to manage the profile data of a customer. This application is called the furniture retailer’s custom co-worker application. This application allows for the issuance of new loyalty cards to replace the ones that were lost. It can also be used to schedule Business Process Jobs.

Business process Jobs serve many marketing purposes, such as customer data cards and email services with the country-specific provider. It also checks for customer card & welcome party as well as registration statistics.

The third component is data providers, which are supplied by a partner marketing. This could include the Kiosk solutions or the web applications depending on the county. Intectics supports and develops ODB using proven open-source technologies. Intectics currently provides services in 8 countries. Intectics also maintains records for more than 5,000,000 customers. The service will expand to other countries where retailers have their businesses, both in the short- and long-term perspectives.

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For around 12 years, a client had been employing a nearshore outsourcing model. It used resources from Eastern Europe to support his country team in Western Europe. Since the last three years, there has been a significant rise in costs for some regions nearshore. This was because their economies had matured. In the year 2005, IMPAQ came up with the plan to expand their Technology Services. They began to assess all regions of Eastern Europe and found the best partners. After a bidding process, Intectics was selected based on both price and quality.

Intectics was faced with the challenge of creating a cost-effective, stable and high-quality process. It was to render services such as Performance Management, Infrastructure Management Support & Maintenance Security Monitoring Testing and System Design &Integration.


The partnership was established with several projects that were in line with the bi-software development. Although the project was not large, it was very important to the IMPAQ. Very few customers wanted to build a web service in such a short time. The project was launched on schedule and within budget. We could not accept the risk that the plan was created with the customer’s combination. The result was very well received by the customer, who extended the contract for an additional two years. We also completed several new projects simultaneously. In 2006, a decision was taken to start a new project and a new model. The companies had previously worked on a project at y-basis. The company now has an Offshore Dedicated Team. The Offshore Dedicated Team offers dedicated team development. The client can also use the Offshore Development Centres for complete administration and infrastructure services. Client will pay a monthly fixed fee to establish his remote development department.

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The client decided to hire local staff and instead chose to use many cost-effective resources. Now they are operating around 80% of staff nearshore and 20% staff to offshore. Each partner assists with any work-End. issues and consults in areas of similar expertise, which is subject to real experience.