Starting Tips for SEO

Starting Tips for SEO

As a business owner in the modern era, you are well aware of the benefits of search engine optimization as a cost-effective means of promoting your business. Not only are the barriers to entry low, but your ability to sustain the traffic that you get is better when compared to the expensive alternative marketing methods of the past.

Despite all this, it’s important to recognize that even SEO is getting more and more competitive by the year. Google periodically makes changes that can make it just a little bit harder to rank for your chosen keywords. It is in this capacity that an SEO agency can keep your traffic growing against the tide of changes.

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SEO Strategies for Improving Your Google Rank

Although an SEO agency can do wonders for your business website, there are some set-up actions that you can take right away to make a search engine imprint. First of all, create a Google Webmaster Tools account so you can have a metric by which to gauge the backlinks that your landing pages gradually pick up.

Next, create a Google analytics account and link that one to your Google Webmaster tools account; now, you have a completely free resource that delivers a lot of value – and for which we would recommend paying if it was actually necessary. 

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On-Page Optimization Tips

Everything starts with on-page optimization. This entails learning about things such as anchor text. Using alt tags and image descriptions in the high-resolution pictures you use, and employing internal links in between posts on your website for greater search engine visibility.

The actual content on your page is the most important part of on page optimization. Take pains to deliver the kind of content that you, yourself would want to read; in fact, employ Google analytics to find out which landing page drives the most traffic. What better way to find direct evidence of what your readers want? This allows you to target future posts – including updates to the popular ones – and make them more attractive based on the research.

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Off-Page Optimization 

This next aspect of SEO consists of largely of building back links to authority sites. Just think of this as association with high-quality neighborhoods; the search engines will, in part, judge you by the company you keep. Additionally; try to keep your links to sites within your industry – or at least, sites with topics that are tangential to yours. When linking to these websites, opt for long-tail keywords because they are less competitive and more targeted.

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Lastly, an essential part of off page traffic-gathering in online marketing is the proper use of social media. You can use various toolbars, such as the Alexa toolbar, to figure out how your traffic compares to other websites as your social media presence grows from week to week. Start out by leveraging the very largest social networks – this includes Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

After you’ve accomplished the basics, such as making sure your keyword is in your page title, URLs, image tags and more, than a viable SEO or web design company can really help supercharge your rankings.