Real Estate SEO: 5 Tips for Increasing Leads to Your Company

Real Estate SEO: 5 Tips for Increasing Leads to Your Company

Potential home buyers now turn to the internet when they are looking for a home. It is important to optimize your website to increase your chances of capturing business. These SEO tips will help you generate more leads for your agency. Stop sending potential buyers straight to your competitors.

Win the Business Your Competitors Aren’t

A well-optimized website can make a huge difference in the user experience. A website that doesn’t provide the information a potential customer needs quickly and easily will make them move on to another site. It doesn’t matter how far the customer is in the sales funnel, a bad website can scare them away. There are ways to redeem yourself. Use these tips to create a winning website, and drive more leads to your business. You can search for new properties in Fresno or a large number of listings across the country. You can filter your search by price, area and more.

  1. Target local keywords.

Optimize the site to include local search phrases like your business name or the cities and towns you serve. Include local keywords in your content. This will help buyers who are interested.

  1. Write blog entries.

Blog posts are a great way for you to highlight properties that you want to sell. Blog posts can be a great way to increase traffic to your website. Make sure you include the keywords and strong meta descriptions of the property that you want to sell.

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3.Take advantage of photos and videos.

Video tours can be a valuable tool for potential buyers. Although photos are important, a video tour gives potential buyers an interactive way to see the property from a different perspective.

  1. Make your Site Mobile with responsive design.

A mobile-friendly website is essential for your business. People are increasingly accessing their mobile phones from anywhere. 89% of potential home buyers are accessing real estate listing from their mobile devices. This is why you need a mobile website that’s well designed.

  1. Get listed in Directories.

Real estate agent directories are a valuable tool to use, as they receive a lot of traffic. These directories can be found by a Google search.

  1. Optimize your bio on your broker’s website.

Buyers will search for you (or your agency) by name so optimize for your name. Your bio page should include correct information such as your address, phone number, and business hours.

  1. Incorporate social media.

Potential buyers are more inclined to patronize businesses that have an online presence. Social media allows you to quickly and easily connect with many potential customers. You can vary your platforms to appeal to different buyers. Also, do some research to find out which platforms are most popular among your target customers.

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While these SEO tips won’t guarantee more sales, they will help increase traffic to your website, making it more visible to potential buyers.