Quizlet: What were the three effects of European imperialism upon Africa?

Quizlet: What were the three effects of European imperialism upon Africa?

What were the three effects of European imperialism in Africa quizlet?

The positive effects of Imperialism on Africa were new goods, resources and products that made African products more accessible to international markets. Transport/roads and improved sanitation. Hospitals,Schools,factories creating more jobs. The life expectancy of people was higher when they were healthier.

What are some of the effects of European imperialism in Africa?

Imperialism shattered traditional African ways and practices of life, politics, and social norms. Subsistence farming was transformed into large-scale commodity exports, and patriarchal social structures were restructured into European-dominated hierarchies. Christianity and Western ideals were imposed by European imperialism.

What were the political motives for European imperialism in Africa?

POLITICAL motives were motivated by a nation’s desire for power, to compete against other European countries to expand territory and to exercise military force. They also sought to increase national pride and security through the winning of colonies.

What were some of the internal factors that contributed to imperialism in Africa quizlet?

What were the factors that led to African imperialism? Africa was home to many cultures and languages, which discouraged unity. Unification was also hindered by wars between ethnic groups. Europeans used their rivalries to their advantage.

How did imperialism impact the world?

Imperialism had a number of consequences that impacted Europe, the colonies, and the rest of the world. It also led to increased competition among nations and to conflicts that would disrupt world peace in 1914. During this time, Europe’s Commercial Revolution created new demands and wants for wealth and raw material.

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What negative effects come from imperialism?

Imperialism had a negative impact on societies in many ways. It was the cause of slavery trade, which led to social discrimination throughout the world. It also caused disunity among natives and damaged their cultures. Last, but not least: imperialism deprived countries of their natural resources and left little for the natives.

What were positive and negative effects of British imperialism in India?

India was influenced by the British Empire. British rule in India brought Western technologies to improve medicine, transport, warfare and the production of goods. Because they made India import goods from Britain, and not purchase goods from India, Britain almost destroyed India’s economy.