Quizlet: What was the first generation in programming languages?

What was the first generation quizlet for programming languages?

The first generation of programming language is the assembly language.

Is a set of specific sequential steps that describe?

Explanation: The set of specific, sequential steps that describe exactly what a computer program must do to complete the work is called an algorithm. It is obvious that algorithm is the right answer to the question. The algorithm is a set of rules that are used to solve a problem.

What is an IDE quizlet?

An integrated development environment (IDE), is a software program that offers comprehensive tools to computer programmers in order to develop software. Usually, an IDE includes a source code editor and build automation tools.

Which refers to a text based approach?

A text-based approach explains how texts work. A text-based approach aims to help learners become confident, critical, and competent readers, writers, and viewers of texts. This involves reading, listening, viewing, and analysing texts in order to understand their production and effects.

How can you protect a computer from electrical spikes and surges quizlet?

How do you protect your computer against electrical surges and spikes? A surge protector is a good choice.

What is an integrated development environment IDE Brainly?

What’s an Integrated Development Environment? a coordinated software development effort. Software developers need a diverse work environment. A diverse work environment for all employees of a software development company.

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Which of the following devices is not an input device?

Answer. Answer: The input device COM (Computer output to microfilm) isn’t a COM. An input device in computing is any piece of hardware that provides data and control signals to an electronic processing system, such as a computer or information appliance.

Which is an output device?

An output device is any piece or computer hardware that converts information into a human-readable form. Visual Display Units (VDUs) are some examples of output devices. a Monitor, Printer graphic Output devices, Plotters, Speakers etc.

What are outputs?

Outputs are actions or items that lead to an outcome.

What are indicators in project management?

Indicators indicate one aspect of a program. They are signs, clues or markers that show how close the program is to its intended path and outcomes. Indicators can be used to measure project progress and are realistic and easily measured. Indicators are the link between theory, practice and project planning.

What are two types of indicators?

Artificial indicators and Natural indicators are two types of Chemical indicator.