Quizlet: What is implied consent law?

Quizlet: What is implied consent law?

What is an implied consent law quizlet and what are its implications?

This law requires that you drive a vehicle and agree to have chemical tests performed on your breath, blood or urine in order to determine the presence of alcohol or drugs.

What is an important driving skill to develop?

Giving the road your complete attention is a crucial driving skill. It is a crucial driving skill to give the road your complete attention.

Why should you visually check for motorcycles?

Before changing lanes or entering major thoroughfares, check for motorcycles and use your mirrors. Because motorcycles are small, they can easily fit into blind spots. All motorcycles have the same lane width rights as other vehicles.

In which of the following situations must a driver yield to a pedestrian?

Pedestrians should always yield the right-of-way at crosswalks and intersections. Bicycles are considered vehicles and are subject to the same rules that other drivers. They are not granted the right-of-way every time. You must yield to traffic when turning left at an intersection.

Who has right of way at crossroads?

The general rule regarding priorities at crossroads is that traffic coming from the right should yield to traffic coming from the other direction. In the following examples, the priority of the vehicle with the highest priority is the same as the main road. However, you should not assume the other driver will follow your lead.

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What is the driving accident prevention formula?

To avoid a collision caused by motorist error, drivers should use the crash-prevention formula when driving. This formula requires drivers to be aware, prepared and timely when using it.

What is the standard accident prevention formula?

3 Standard accident-prevention formula Be alert – Don’t assume the other driver won’t make a mistake. You should be prepared – Know what to do in every situation that may require you to make a quick decision. Be prompt and decisive – Don’t panic. If something happens quickly, know what to do.