Quizlet: What factors influence the strength of the electrical force between two objects?

Which variables affect the strength the electric force between two objects? Quizlet

What factors influence the strength of an electric force between two objects and how do they interact? The distance between objects and the charge on them.

How should Hector correct his diagram?

How can Hector correct his diagram. Hector should curve the “Path”, arrow, downward.

Why are objects that fall near Earth’s surface rarely in free fall quizlet?

Why are objects that fall close to Earth’s surface so rarely in free falling? Gravity doesn’t act on objects located near Earth’s surface. Air exerts pressure on objects that are falling near the Earth’s surface. They do not reach their terminal velocity.

What is the only force acting on an object in free fall?

As we learned in an earlier unit free fall refers to a special kind of motion in that gravity is the only force exerting itself upon an object. Free fall objects are those that do not experience any air resistance and are falling under gravity’s sole influence.

Which change will always result in an increase?

Increase in the object’s mass and decrease in their distance. Answer: An increase in gravitational force between objects will always cause a change in their mass.

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Which factors affect gravitational force?

When calculating the force of gravity between two objects there are two important things to consider: mass and distance. The mass of two objects is directly affected by the force of gravity. Ininversely, the distance between them is affected by the square of their distance.

Which satellite has the greatest gravitational force with earth?

satellite D

How would the path of the ball differ on earth than on the moon quizlet?

How would the trajectory of the ball change on Earth and on the moon? On Earth, the ball would curve down sharper than on the moon. To illustrate projectile motion, Hector created the diagram below. A spacecraft is launched from Earth towards the moon.

What is the force of gravity on a 500 Newton woman?

What is the force of gravity on a 500-newton woman standing on the Earth’s surface? Reasoning: A 500-N woman is acted upon by a force of 500 N from the earth. This is the exact weight of the person.

Which example best represents a balanced force?

For example, when you sit down, you have two opposing forces: your weight and the normal force. These forces are called balanced forces because they are equal or opposite forces that cause you to remain still on the chair.

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Which notation is commonly used on force?


What is the upward force perpendicular to the floor?

normal response force

What represents net force?

The net force is the vector sum all forces acting upon an object. The net force, or the sum of all forces, is the vector sum of all forces. This is because a force is a vector, and forces that are equal in magnitude and of opposite directions will cancel one another out.

What type of diagram is used to show all of the forces acting on an object?

Free body diagrams show the relative magnitudes and directions of all forces that act upon an object in a particular situation. Free-body diagrams are a special type of vector diagrams. These diagrams can be used in your studies of physics.

Why is it called free body diagram?

A diagram that shows one part of a system, and all external forces acting upon it, is known as a “free body diagram” or F.B.D. An F.B.D. is used to show the interaction between objects. An F.B.D. can be used to show how objects interact with each other.