Microsoft All Set to Launch Windows 10

Microsoft All Set to Launch Windows 10

Microsoft will launch Windows 10 its new operating system this year. The new OS’s biometric authentication system will replace password-based systems. This will be one of the most interesting features. Every new Windows operating system has special features and functions that are not available in the older versions. As users, we can expect to see improvements with each update. A simple msoffice comparison , will show you how Windows has changed over time. Each version has its own pros and cons. But the most important thing is that they’re easy to use for beginners and easy to learn, even those who have never used the software.

The company has not yet revealed a release date but it is likely that the new Windows OS would be available by mid-summer.

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Microsoft will launch Windows 10 to 190 markets. Microsoft’s Windows platform has the largest market share and is used by more than 1.5 billion people.

Windows 10 Beta is being used already by a few users around the world to collect feedbacks. Surprisingly, more than one million feedback messages were received.

This was the first time Microsoft had released an unfinished version its Windows OS to users for free. These feedbacks are focused on the company’s ability to improve its current operating system.

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Microsoft used the app WindowsInsiders for all feedbacks. Early users already stated that Windows 10 is better than Windows 8.1. Windows Phone users can use the new version.

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Windows 8 had many problems with its UI. Windows 10 claims to have addressed them. Many features are similar to the Android version of Windows Phone.

The new OS is also able to scale across multiple devices, including Xbox and Internet of Things hardware. It is said that the company has a completely different business model than any Windows update. Windows 7/8 users will receive a free update.

Similarly, users with smaller devices than 9 inches will get an OS update for free.

The introduction of some powerful features in the Windows 10, in a market where the PC segment is taking a beating, could be seen as an effort from Microsoft to get the upper hand.