Maze Alpha X Review – A stunning smartphone with dominant Features

Maze Alpha X Review – A stunning smartphone with dominant Features

Maze Alpha X 4G Review

A new smartphone has arrived to blow the doors of this market, with its larger HD screen and huge metallic body. The “Maze Alpha X 4G Phablet “. is the new device that will impress you with its high-end features and affordable price.

The maze is not a new brand. It has products such as Maze Ultra under its wings. The brand’s loyalty has been demonstrated. Maze has this time offered a large, defining phone that will outperform the iPhone X. The company is optimistic, and it’s not easy to compete with Apple. Customers are already attracted to Maze Alpha’s price right now. Let’s now look at some other exciting features of Maze Alpha X 4G Phablet.

Design and Built of Maze Alpha X

The Maze Alpha X looks larger than it is because of its 6-inch HD screen. Other than size it can be categorized as a heavy device with a weight of 200g. That’s because this phone’s body is made out of metal.

The backside of the Maze Alpha X is made of plastic. However, the front and sides panels of the Maze Alpha X are made of metal. The Maze Alpha X also has a home button at its bottom and an earphone plug at its top. It is claimed to have no bezels. The body of Maze Alpha’s Maze Alpha is large and slim. The phone’s dark black color is quite striking.

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High-Quality Display

As we’ve already mentioned, the Maze Alpha X’s main draw is its 6-inch high-definition screen. It is difficult to find a display of this size at such a rapid pace. The screen resolution for this relatively big screen is 1080 x 1920 pixel. The display quality is excellent for such a low price, despite the fact that it has a very attractive design. This is why the Maze Alpha X’s display quality is so great and attractive.

Alpha Hardware Performance

The company has already called their device Alpha, so the question now is whether it’s really an alpha in terms of performance. With the Helio, P25 chipset Maze Alpha is set to perform its best. The device has 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM which is relatively great at this price. The Maze Alpha’s processor is powerful and can handle all your daily needs.

The gaming experience is very pleasant on the device. Also, games that are larger than a normal screen are more appealing. Maze Alpha is capable of running a few large games efficiently without affecting their features. If we get into the data science, then we get that AnTuTu rates Maze Alpha 64,376, while Geekbench scores its performance at 823 and multi-core at 3945.

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Latest Software:

If you intend to purchase an iOS or Windows device, you can expect different software. However, if you’re buying a Chinese smartphone, you should expect Android software. Maze Alpha X is running the latest Android 7.0 operating systems.

The device comes with all of the Android features, plus extra features such as gesture control. You can also download all of the Google Play Store apps to the Maze Alpha, and you can use them. However, the Maze Alpha can only download a few popular Android apps. This can be frustrating. Overall, this is your basic Android with promising software support.

Camera Quality

The camera quality and performance of Maze Alpha X are the same as similar devices. It has double snitched camera with relatively 13 megapixel and 5 megapixels. These two cameras can click pictures and the quality of the images is excellent. This camera is easy to use and produces professional results.

It has two rear cameras, which allow for different modes like blur mode or pro mode. This camera can record good video and even live stream. This phone can also stream live videos. Overall, Maze Alpha X has a number of great camera features for a very affordable price.

Other Features

  1. Maze Alpha X comes with the dual SIM slot option. You can now have two SIMs on one phone.
  2. The battery life of the device is 4000mAh, which is pretty decent.
  3. You can go viral with different social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  4. It also got the mono speaker and slot for a microSD card.
  5. It has a Type-C USB connector and fast-charging traits are also available.
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Pros & Cons


  • Impressive big size screen.
  • 64GB hefty storage.
  • Affordable price.


  • Poor camera quality.
  • Battery life is not strong.
  • Doesn’t support many apps.

Best Deal & Coupon Code

Maze Alpha X is available at Gearbest at as low as $249.99. Grab your X during the flash sale.