Know 3 Ways To Reset Admin password on Dell Laptop

Know 3 Ways To Reset Admin password on Dell Laptop

So, you have forgotten your Dell laptop admin password? Do you know how to reset it? If not, then here we got three methods to reset admin password on Dell laptop. These methods are easy to follow and convenient to use. Make sure you use the best method which suits you the most!

Method 1- Reset Admin password from Dell laptop Use installation disk

Boot the Dell laptop from window setup disk

For this first insert setup disk in the dell laptop then start or restart the Dell laptop. Immediately press the F 12 and repeatedly do this until boot menu box shows up. Then press up or down key to choose CD/ CD-RW/ DVD finally press enter.

Replaces “magnify.exe” with the “cmd.exe”

For Windows 7, Vista, windows 8/ 8.1 and Windows 10 dell laptop the steps are same. When window installing screen shows up, “shift + F10” is to be pressed this will bring out command prompt window. Now, run the commands given below for replacing magnify.exe by cmd.exe-


‘Cd windows system 32’

‘Ren magnify.exe magnify1.exe’

‘Ren cmd.exe magnify.exe’

After this, from laptop expel the installation disk and type: wpeutil reboot, press enter for restarting your Dell laptop.

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Remove Dell Laptop password Using a Command

When laptop boots to window login screen, click on “ease of access” then select “make the item on screen larger” and OK button. Command window shows up after this. Remove the dell laptop password using following command- net user Coco. This “coco” is user account name that you need to change because it belongs to someone else. Restart the laptop, go to login screen and click on a user account. You dell laptop will be unlocked without password entry. Finally, reboot the laptop from setup disk and change the magnify.exe with cmd.exe and following command-

‘Ren magnify.exe cmd.exe’

‘Ren magnify1.exe magnify.exe’

Method 2Use Window password Tool To Create password Reset Disk

There are a lot of tools on the market to help you , whether they are free or not . but different tools will works for different people , The following Windows password reset tool will help beginners.

  • Go to accessible PC connected to the internet. Download the windows password tool, install it
  • Start “windows password tuner tool” then plug writable USB on your PC. Select USB device then selects beginsburning.
  • Reboot your locked laptop and change the first boot device to USB or DVD in BISO setting
  • If all of the above steps are completed , you can restart your laptop and select the locked account and reset its password
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P.S : If you get the message “burning successfully” it means password reset disk has been created.  Using it now you can recover your dell laptop password. You need to follow the steps given in method 2 to reset the password.

Method 3Use password Reset disk To Reset password From Dell laptop

In past, if you created the password reset disk on your Dell laptop, then you can use it to reset password-

  • Go to the windows login screen of the Dell laptop, enter an incorrect password, and press enter.
  • It will show incorrect password message, click ok. Then click on the option “reset password”.
  • Insert password reset disk then select password resets wizard and click on an ok option.
  • Type the new password and reset the admin password on the Dell laptop. Click on nest button and your window will get unlocked.


For these methods , I prefer the Method 3 , because i tried and the Windows password tool is the best tool that helps its users create the password reset disk (With CD/DVD or USB )and easily get the admin password on the Dell laptop.

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