Is the number of moles responsible for the reaction?

Is the number of moles responsible for the reaction?

What is the mole count of each reaction?

The number of moles in a gaseous product equals the amount of gaseous reactants. The equilibrium is not affected by the pressure decreasing. The equilibrium will not be affected by a decrease in pressure. Therefore, the number moles of reactions products will not change.

When the total number of moles of product and reactants are equal?

When the total number moles of products equals the total moles reactants, the equilibrium does not have a unit for eg. STATEMENT-2 : Dn=N moles product – No moles reactants

What reaction is exothermic?

An exothermic reaction refers to a chemical reaction where less energy is required to break the bonds in reactants than it is to create new bonds in products. Exothermic reactions are energy-intensive and often give off heat. Exothermic reactions can be found in all combustion reactions.

Is equilibrium always at an optimal level of output?

Yes. The equilibrium is always at the optimal level of output because at that point, the demand and supply are equal. Explanation: When the total output supply equals the output demand, then the optimal level of output occurs.

Why is it safe to assume that national defense will always be provided by the government instead of the market?

Is it safe to assume that the government will provide national defense and not the market? It is not profitable, and no private investor will assume the responsibility. It is a public good that everyone can use, regardless of who paid for it.

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How do you solve competitive equilibrium?

Find the number of sellers whose costs (“reservation value”) are lower than the price so that they are willing and able to sell. Find the price at the which buyers are willing to buy and sellers are willing to sell. This is the equilibrium price.

Why is the economy at full employment in the long run?

If there is an increase of aggregate demand, the prices will rise. After wages are adjusted for inflation, SRAS will decrease and return the economy to full-employment output. Economic growth is not caused by shocks, but only full employment increases can cause it.

What is equilibrium real output?

Output reaches equilibrium when the quantity of output (AS) equals the quantity required (AD). When aggregate demand (C + I) is equal to total output, the economy is in equilibrium.