Is the nucleus capable of packaging proteins?

Is the nucleus capable of packaging proteins?

Does nucleus contain package proteins?

The nucleus (plural: nuclei), is the place where cells store their genetic material or DNA. It also houses ribosomes which are the cellular machines that make proteins. The nucleus is home to chromatin, which is DNA wrapped around proteins. This substance, called nucleoplasm, is a gel-like substance.

Which sequence accurately tracks the path of a particular protein within the cell group of answer options?

The sequence that accurately tracks the path of a protein within a cell is: ribosomes, RE reticulums, Golgi apparatus and release from cell.

What is the pathway of proteins in a cell’s cells?

Proteins destined to be secreted move through the secretory pathway in the following order: rough ER – ER-to-Golgi transport vesicles – Golgi cisternae – secretory or transport vesicles – cell surface (exocytosis) (see Figure 17-13). The cis-Golgi reticulum is formed by small transport vesicles that bud from the ER.

Why does RNA need to leave the nucleus for its function?

MessengerRNA (or mRNA) leaves the nucleus via pores in the nuclear membrane. These pores regulate the movement of molecules between nucleus and cytoplasm. The 5′ cap protects the mRNA from degradation, and the poly A tail (a chain made up of adenine nucleotides), increases the stability of the molecule.

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How do the nucleus & ER interact?

While the nucleus acts as the cell’s brain, the ER serves as a manufacturing and packing system. It is closely connected to the Golgi apparatus and ribososmes. The endoplasmicreticulum, structurally speaking, is a network made up of membranes that are found in cells and linked to the nucleus.

Is there a rough ER attached the the nucleus of the cell?

RoughER is named after its rough appearance. This is due to the ribosomes that are attached to its outer (cytoplasmic), surface. Rough ER is located directly adjacent to the cell nucleus. Its membrane is continuous with that of the outer membrane.

Is smoother ER attached to nucleus

The smooth endoplasmic retina is involved in many metabolic processes. The nuclear envelope is also connected to the smooth endoplasmic retinaum. …