Is gas very compact?

Is gas very compact?

Is there very little gas empty space?

Gases have a lot of empty space. This is because gases are easy to compress. It is much easier to reduce the volume a gas than a solid. Gas molecules do not interact except when they collide.

When molecules are heated they move?

When heat is added to a substance it causes the molecules and atoms to vibrate more quickly. The distance between atoms increases as they vibrate faster. The state of matter for a substance is determined by its motion and spacing. Increased molecular motion results in the object expanding and taking up more space.

How does the kinetic molecular theory of matter explain diffusion in liquids?

According to the kinetic molecular theory, the average amount of empty space between molecules increases as matter is moved from the solid phase to the liquid or gas phases. Attractive forces exist between atoms/molecules and they become stronger the closer they are.

What are the 3 ways heat is transferred in our atmosphere?

There are three ways heat can be transferred into the atmosphere. conduction. convection.

What is heating of the atmosphere?

Due the chemical composition in the earth’s atmosphere most of the infrared radiation emitted from the warm surface never reaches outer space. The radiation is reflected back or absorbed by greenhouse gases. The atmosphere heats up when these compounds absorb infrared radiation.

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What are the process responsible for heating the atmosphere?

Answer. Conduction, convection and radiation are the main ways energy is transferred between the earth’s surfaceand the atmosphere. Conduction refers to the transmission of heat energy through contact with nearby molecules.

How is air heated by the process of convection?

Convection is the process where heat is transferred through movement of heated fluids such as water or air. Natural convection is caused by the tendency for most fluids to expand upon heating, i.e. to become more dense and rise due to the increased buoyancy.

How is the atmosphere heated by the process of advection?

In the atmosphere, advection represents the only process for lateral mass transfer. Vertical transfer, however, is achieved via radiation, conduction, convection and convection. As warm and moist air flows horizontally along a cooler surface, the air near it is cooled to its dewpoint.

What is advection and convection?

Convection refers to the movement of fluids, usually in response to heat. Advection refers to the movement of material suspended or dissolved in a fluid. Convection occurs when silt is heated in water. This will cause silt to be dissolved in the water.

How is the atmosphere heated short answer?

The radiation from the Sun heats the atmosphere. This radiation is absorbed by plants and soil. When air molecules come in contact with warmer ground and the surface of the oceans or lakes, they increase their energy by conduction, causing the heating of Earth’s …

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What is an example of advection?

An illustration of advection would be the transport of silt or pollutants in a river through bulk water flow downstream. Energy or enthalpy is another commonly used quantity. Any fluid that contains thermal energy such as water and air can be used.