Is feso4 fundamental?

Is feso4 fundamental?

Is feso4 basic?

Answer. Ferrous sulphate can be described as an acidic salt. It is the salt from a strong acid Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4) or a weak base Ferrous Hydrooxide Fe(OH).

Why should you not dispense ferrous sulfate coated with a brownish yellow color?

Handling & Storage Temperature fluctuations can cause product oxidation. If the product is coated with brownish-yellow ferric sulfate, do not use it. This material can be dangerous if it is not used in its original container.

When sodium hydroxide solution is added to a freshly prepared solution of ferrous sulphate a green precipitate of ferrous hydroxide is formed which on standing becomes brown because?

Therefore, the correct answer is that green ferrous hydroxide becomes brown ferric acid.

Why do crystals of ferrous sulphate turns brown when exposed to air?

Lightly green ferrous sulphate crystals lose water molecules and become brown when exposed to air. Its oxidation causes this. Experts will guide you through the steps to clear your doubts and score high marks in exams.

What is the Colour of ferrous sulphate crystals after it lost its water molecules?

Solution. Green is the colour of ferrous sulfurate crystal. The ferrous sulfurate crystal undergoes heating to lose water molecules. It then forms anhydrous ferrous, which is a white colour. It then decomposes to form ferric oxide which is brown-coloured, sulphur dioxide, and sulphur trioxide.

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What is ferrous sulphate crystals?

The ferrous sulphate crystals have a light green colour. The characteristic smell of burning sulfur is evident in the gas that is emitted. The colour of the gas changes from light green to pale white when heated. The white substance becomes a solid dark brown color when heated further.

What will happen when Iron II sulphate is exposed to air for a long time?

After long exposure to air, ferrous sulfurate forms an ocher-colored crust made of basic ferric acid sulfate. The ferrous oxide in the green-vitriol has been combined with oxygen to form ferric oxide.