Ideas for Revamping Exterior Walls and Brickwork

Ideas for Revamping Exterior Walls and Brickwork

Our homes primarily serve as shelter and a private oasis where we can freely relax and focus on our duties. If you think about it, we often view homes based on practicality and how they could best serve our family life and the like. However, a home’s exterior and appearance are also something that should also be taken into account.

While we want our homes to look great inside, we want them to look equally on point from the outside. Having a property that evokes your desired style will influence your daily pleasure whenever you return home and its curb appeal. Whatever kind of house you have, there are a variety of changes or tweaks you can make. From revamping exterior walls and windows, to changing the colour of your doors, you have yourself enough options that are worth exploring.

Surely, as with any renovation, it should always adhere faithfully to your home’s current design and style. Depending on how you want it, you can opt for minor tweaks like choosing a new colour of paint or going for new cladding. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for something more substantial and heavy-duty, you can also consider landscaping or changing the structure of your roof for a more prominent and impactful alteration.

It’s also important to consider what kind of exterior revamp you’re going for since inappropriate and incongruous finishes or features can potentially ruin the look of your house. There is a wide range of routes to take when it comes to this, and most of them depend largely on what you’re currently working with. Because of this, we have curated a list of different ideas you can try out when it comes to revamping exterior walls and plenty of other home design or renovation advice as well.

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1. Render External Walls

Rendering your exterior walls is one of the most common yet effective ways to improve the appearance of your home. This process typically involves applying an external wall covering on either the bricks or exterior wall surface using sand and cement. Often, a synthetic resin-based or lime-based colored render is used which is a tough exterior compound.

Rendering does not only improve your home’s structure but also gives it protection. The external wall coating that renders use during this process is often protected with a weatherproof coating. You will generally see a glazed covering applied during manufacture for brick-faced homes, which helps protect the house from further damages caused by weather and other natural elements. Moreover, this also enables you to avoid unnecessary costs in repair. You can consult companies who specialise in these services like RenderHero for a more professional explanation.

2. Change Exterior Finishes

You can also swap your home’s current external finish with a new one. There are many reasons for such – it may be that your home still has that old stone cladding, a messy mixture of external materials, and even mismatching bricks that can honestly be quite unsightly to view from the outside. However, covering them with a different material can help it have a new look that suits your taste. One of the things you can do in this situation is to go for cladding over pebble dash because it’s relatively easier to maintain and is hardwearing. However, it’s still important to consider what kind of home structure and exterior you have since it can look pretty harsh on especially boxy homes.

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Otherwise, you can just go for the cheapest and most straightforward option – painting. Painting the outside of your house with masonry paint in neutral shades can help unify the mixture of materials in your wall. Cladding these can make an impactful difference as well.

3. Add an extension

A significant and more substantial way of revamping your exterior wall is to add a home extension altogether. Doing this will not only add a new look to your home but will also make it have more character and interest in its exterior as well. The change doesn’t have to be huge – it can be as simple as adding a bay window or a porch. Suppose you’re okay with splashing on cash. In that case, a relatively larger single-story or two-story extension can also help improve the proportions of your property to showcase a distinct style of architecture.

4. Garage conversion

The overall appearance of your house will be exponentially altered by converting a garage since you also get to have a new living space. To effectively do this, it’s best to hire an experienced architect to seamlessly join both the new and old features together. Moreover, it also helps ensure that the proportions and details of particular elements are kept accurate. Which includes the correct type and amount of shingles for the roof.

Before doing this, it’s also recommended that you check with a local estate agent to ensure that the decision for a garage conversion is the best way to go. If, at any rate, the benefits of having an extra room are overruled by the need for secure and spacious parking, the consequence to the value of your home may be negative.

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5. Apply Accent Sections

What most people often do to improve the overall exterior of their home is to merely install horizontal laps when there are a lot of different sidings available. Corrugated metal, shingles, and decorative trims are also attractive options that you can opt to update your house with. By using more than one siding style, you will be able to accentuate the external features of your home like towers, upper stories, eaves, and more. Doing this gives your home an overall boost in style.

6. Add Texture

One great and popular way of revamping exterior walls nowadays is to add some texture to the exterior of your home. This can either mean installing a stone veneer skirt, a brick or an accent wall. It can also mean adding cedar-look shingles to a portion of your home as well. Modern homes, in particular, can benefit from using different architectural or corrugated wall panels. You can also go for the stucco to enhance texture, all while maintaining a clean yet freshly improved look at the same time.


There are a variety of ways you can go when it comes to redesigning your home exterior. Whatever it is, you should consider how the change will impact your home. Because of this, every alteration should be made with precaution since the wrong choices can inevitably mess up your exterior altogether.