How to turn old blog posts into evergreen SEO content

How to turn old blog posts into evergreen SEO content

We all have blog posts on our websites that don’t help our SEO efforts. You might get some traffic to your site from Google, but it’s likely that the post isn’t well written. There are three ways to improve the quality of your website. You could leave it. You could delete it and move on. Option number three is to rewrite the content, making it an evergreen piece of powerful content that will bring people to your site.

How to Find Old Poorly Written Post

The first place I look is in your blog management system. WordPress is used by most people. You can look through the post summaries to find word counts. I usually look for posts that are less than 600 words. Then, I create a list with the URLs of all these posts.

Next, I would then use my analytics software and check to see how much traffic those pages are getting in the past 30 days. This will allow you to see how the content is performing. You don’t have to assume that the article with the least traffic is the best. Next, take the top ten most popular articles. Then you can determine their potential.

Find the Right Keywords

Now you can do keyword research to find the ten most popular articles on your blog. SEMRush Keyword Analysis Tool would be used to determine the keyword potential of each blog post. This tool will show you the phrase match and End. keywords along with their respective search volumes. This tool will ensure that you are targeting the correct keywords.

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SEO is not easy. But choosing the wrong keywords can make it almost impossible. The keyword difficulty can be viewed in the SEMRush tool. It’s called “KD” and is included in the report. This number is a percentage from 1%-100% with the higher the number the more difficult it will be to rank for a given keyword. Don’t let higher number here discourage you. You can rank for these keywords if you do your SEO well. You can now choose which article you want rewritten. It doesn’t have to be the most popular keywords, but it is possible to make an informed decision based upon all the information you have gathered.

Rewriting the Content

Now it’s time for the actual rewriting of the article. Many articles do not need to be completely revised. It is possible to take some content and integrate it into your new content. This was done recently in a post on SEO for plastic surgery websites.

Before I start to rewrite an article, I look for the relevant semantic keywords. Semantic keywords refer to words that are End. to the topic you are writing about. These words can help Google determine how relevant your content is to the main keywords. The SEO Tool Writing assistant provides a list with twenty of the most important semantic terms for your article. These words should be written down and used in your article.

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In the next step, I use the SEMRush keyword research tool. This tool will give you relevant search topics and questions. This tool helps you create a plan of what content you will include in your rewrite. To create timeless content, you must be an expert on the topic that you are writing about.

Now that you know what your article should contain and the semantic keywords, it’s time to start writing. You don’t want a poorly written article. This is a way to make a resource that others can use to find out more about the topic you’re writing about. This will make your site a valuable linkable resource for SEO.

Promotion of Content

Most people believe that all you need to do is write a post. This is far from the truth. It doesn’t matter if you have the best article on a topic, but it won’t get noticed unless you promote your content.

Start by looking for blogs that have similar content to what you’ve written. Reach out to these blogs to see if they are open to you writing an article for their blog. This can be difficult work and time-consuming. You can also link to your blog post in the articles. Your article’s rank in search engines will be affected by how hard you work.

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Final Thoughts

Content remains the king of SEO and Google. A good strategy to identify the content that should be updated can help you drive more traffic to your site.