How to see someone’s likes on Instagram

How to see someone’s likes on Instagram

Instagram is an app that is now very popular among every age group. Instagram app is not dependent on any age group since it can be used by people who are older than 13 years. Over time Instagram has developed up to a huge limit till modern times. There were many previous options in the Instagram app that are not available during recent times.

There are various reasons for eliminating such options like how to see what someone likes on Instagram. However, there are some of the ways by which you can still see what someone likes on Instagram.

Therefore, today we will discuss more the ways and tips for how to see what someone likes on Instagram.

Image 1. Instagram user activity report preview provided by Snoopreport

How to see someone’s likes on Instagram?

Before the year 2019, the Instagram application offered the option to check what other people like while they scroll through their Instagram profiles. But from 2019 onwards and till now, there is no such option that enables the users to see or to keep a check on what other people like on Instagram.

Previously, Instagram would offer the simplest option of activity and would easily show what the users have liked in the past few minutes or hours. This was much simpler and less time-consuming as compared to the new ways of checking what someone liked on their Instagram. The option was eliminated out of Instagram after the recent updates.

This was due to several deduced reasons. It might cause some kind of misunderstandings between online friends or couples as well. The other reason for the elimination of such an option to view what other people like on their Instagram was breaching the privacy of the Instagram users. Hence, after receiving most of the reports the option was no further available.

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But there are still some ways through which you can see what someone likes on their Instagram profile. There can be several reasons either personal or professional reasons to keep a check on what other people like on their Instagram profile. Some of the basic ways that can still help you to check or see what other people like on their Instagram are mentioned below.


Image 2. Map of the tracked user interest

  • Visit the Instagram profile of the particular user 

The first step to keep a check or see what other people like on their Instagram profile is to visit and select the particular user ID. You can search for the user by typing their username in the search bar.

  • Select the following tab on the user’s profile 

The other step after visiting or selecting the user’s profile is to select the following tab on their profile. This would give you access to all the other users and famous personalities that they follow or follow back.

  • Select the following IDs and visit them 

The next step after viewing the following list of user profiles is to select any profile that they are following. After selecting the profile then visit the profile to check what they post.

  • Check the posts for their likes 
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Once you visit the following list profile then check what they post. Below each post, the number and who have liked that post is mentioned. From there you can search for the names and check if that person has liked their posts or not.


Image 3. How to see likes on Instagram of others

The above-mentioned ways can be quite a time-taking and do not work much effectively. It is because the average number of followers who people follow are many and cannot be checked one by one. Hence, if you are interested in checking what other people like on their Instagram then you need to take out a lot of time.

However, do not be so certain that you can always check what other likes on their Instagram profile. It is because the users can always hide whenever they want to. They can choose the option and hide their activity from the other followers on their Instagram profiles. This option will make sure that no one can see what they like and will keep their privacy intact as well.

If the particular user has chosen the option to hide their names from the posts, they have like then the mentioned ways will not work as well. This keeps the users protected from anyone who can be spying on them. The spy can be indifferent and various forms as well. Such restriction options can help to keep the privacy and what other people like on Instagram hidden by the cyber-attacks and online hacking as well.

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The use of third-party apps to see someone likes on Instagram

However, certain third-party apps can do a similar job for you. The third-party applications are proven to be excellent and quite effective when it comes to see or keep a check on what other people like on their Instagram profiles. The apps can make sure to do the inside job to keep a keen check of what people like and what they do not like. But most people trust such applications blindly and do not know the user experience behind them.

Since there are several third-party applications nowadays, therefore, it is hard to determine and differentiate which app is safe and which application is unsafe. Therefore, before trusting any application make sure to double check by doing your complete search and reading the online reviews about that particular app. This would help to keep your privacy and the privacy of another user safe as well.

Most of the third-party apps can be quite expensive as well. Therefore, try to look out for the applications that are top-reviewed and affordable as well. Do not be impressed by the price of the applications instead look out for the amount of effectiveness.


If you want to use a safe, secure, and affordable application to check someone’s like on Instagram then you can use the Snoopreport tool. You can use the tool by visiting This tool or app can be quite beneficial for seeing someone’s likes on Instagram.