How to optimize your pricing in a competitive market

How to optimize your pricing in a competitive market

When there are many service providers in your market, how can you decide what price range you should use for your products and services? Every business owner worries about competition. This often influences how they set their prices. The pricing of your product and service should not be determined by competition. This article will discuss how to optimize pricing in a highly competitive market.

Being Smart About Pricing

When you look at your pricing options, you want to make more money on every sale. You immediately think about drastic pricing changes. This may seem like the fastest way to success but it could lead to a loss of customers. People who have been part of your sales funnel for some time will notice a dramatic change in pricing. Without justification of value, they are more likely to leave.

After you have invested so much in marketing to leads in your funnel, it is important not to scare them away with a huge price hike. This would make you lose more leads and force you to purchase another one to replace the one that you lost further down the funnel. This rings just as true with optimizing ecommerce as it does with a business that is operating offline.

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What Is the Value to Your Customer?

You might think that you blue and brown dotted neckties are adorable and want to sell them for $100, but if your customer does not agree with that valuation, you won’t make the sales that you need to make to have a business. Bidding platforms such as eBay are one place where we can see customer valuation in action.

If you are new to the industry, it is possible to see what other people pay for your products. This will give you an idea of what the market is willing to pay. While you shouldn’t change your prices to match your competitors, it is a good idea to have this information as it helps you to understand what your customers consider fair pricing for the product that you sell.

Cost Based Pricing

Cost-based pricing is the most popular option. It’s easier than figuring out all the elements that go into pricing. cost-based pricing is when you calculate all the costs associated with providing a product/service and then add a reasonable margin to ensure that you can make a profit on each transaction.

While cost-based pricing may be the most efficient way to determine your price, it is not the best. You also need to consider opportunity cost. Is it worth putting money at risk for the sakes of simplicity? Is there a certain group of people who would pay more for your services than others? Are there enough people in this group to sustain your business without having to charge higher prices? These questions are crucial and you won’t know if you just go with cost-based pricing.

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Make People Willing to Pay

People want to get a deal. You don’t have to offer a discount every time to make them feel like they’re getting a bargain. You can compare two identical products: one premium and one basic. This will show that the cheaper item is a better deal.

When you sell online, you must have a call-to-action to get people to buy. Although you have set the price and believe it is fair, no one clicks. Did you tell them to click? Use buttons that have words like “buy now”, “get it now”, and so on. Let people know what to do next.

Don’t let people get lost in confusion. People will not choose the option they are most confused about. A price comparison chart can be a great way for people to understand the differences in pricing and why they would have to pay more to get one product than another.

Charm Pricing

You can browse the shops and find it everywhere. $9. 99, $11.99. What’s so special about the 9? According to Gumroad, adding a 9 to your pricing can double your conversions. Split testing of several price options can be done to determine which one converts best. As with the study, you will most likely see that the 9s have it.Personalization

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Personalization in your ecommerce store can help you get more people to notice you and make them more likely to purchase from you at the price you have established. Segmentation is essential to ensure that people only see the relevant content.


Finding the right price point for your pricing can seem difficult, but with the right tools you can increase your conversion rates and get the sales you desire at the price that you are willing to pay.