How to optimize your dealership’s online store and sell more

How to optimize your dealership’s online store and sell more

According to Think With Google 95% car buyers begin their search online. Online shoppers will see your dealership’s online shop. It should be welcoming and convert potential buyers. Optimized websites attract more visitors, but are they just another site selling cars?

How can you optimize your online shop and sell more cars? These are five ways to make your online store more appealing and to convince people to do business with you.

Focus on the Website’s Loading Speed and Mobile-Compatibility

Slow websites can turn off potential customers. Your conversion rate drops by 7% if your webpage loads in less than a second. If a page takes longer than 10 seconds for most people to click, they will close the link and continue browsing.

If you want to increase sales and optimize your website, make sure it loads quickly. Mobile devices should be able to view your website. Mobile shoppers are the majority of online shoppers. Make your website mobile-friendly.

Make it easy to navigate

If you want to sell more cars online than the other sites, get rid of all unnecessary plugins and themes. An easy-to-use online shop should be simple to navigate. Your website should be enjoyable to use, and car buyers should find the right sections and pages easily. It should not overwhelm users on small screens, but provide the essential information they need. You should include the contact page, product pages and financing page.

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Optimize Product Pages

An online store is not the same as a physical one in that customers cannot touch or feel the car, or the features. If you want to sell online, optimizing product pages is essential.

For example, a website that sells used trucks should have compelling descriptions, high-quality images, and videos. High-quality photos from all angles should be taken. Professional videos should also be taken. Finally, detailed descriptions of the products should be written. You can hire professionals to help you if you are unable to do this all yourself.

Increase User Engagement and Add a Call-to-Action

When a customer comes into your physical shop, you greet them, ask what they want, and then convince them to purchase something. Online stores are no different. Customers should be treated the same way. LiveChat, push notifications and the invitation to sign up for discounts can be used to increase user engagement. Strategically placing call-to actions on your site is another way to get people to take action.

Use Reviews and Testimonials

Have customers purchased vehicles from you and loved the experience? Ask them to leave reviews on your website as well as on other review sites like Yelp. If a car buyer sees a positive review from another buyer, they will be more likely to buy the car. Video testimonials are also a great way to convince. Ask happy customers to send videos demonstrating how your online shop helped them obtain the car they desire. In no time, prospects will become buyers.

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