How long does Sports Direct take to deliver to Ireland?

How long does Sports Direct take to deliver to Ireland? 

3 to 7 days

How long does Sports Direct take to deliver internationally? Delivery will take been 3 – 21 Days, Public and Bank Holidays are excluded.

Does Sports Direct operate internationally? Until now Sports Direct’s biggest overseas market has been Belgium, where it owns 46 stores. The company will now operate in 16 countries, including Portugal, France and Slovenia.

Does Sports Direct not do free delivery? Does Sports Direct offer free delivery? Sports Direct don’t offer free delivery on orders.

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Why do Sports Direct charge for click and collect?

The sportswear brand has launched click-and-collect across all of its 400 stores after a trial at the end of last year proved there was customer demand for the service. Sports Direct is charging customers for the service as part of its strategy of “building a sustainable and profitable online business”.

Are Sports Direct Returns free?

For your protection, SportsDirect recommends that you return your items either by courier or by tracked post. You must pay for any return delivery costs, except where the wrong item has been sent to you or the item is defective.

Can you return online purchases to Sports Direct?

For items purchased online, you can send them back for a full refund within 28 days, provided it has not been used or fitted and is returned with any packag Return your online order in a few easy steps. You have 28 days to return your order from the date it’s delivered.

How do I cancel an order on Sports Direct?

Once you’ve placed your order, the order starts going through the system straight away, so that we can get it to you as fast as possible. This means you can’t cancel your order or make changes to it.

Does Sports Direct have an app?

Sports Direct App for iPhone, iPad & Android.

How much discount do Sports Direct workers get?

10% discount. Can only be used on yourself.

Do NHS get discount at Sports Direct?

Does Sports Direct offer an NHS discount? No, unfortunately Sports Direct do not offer a discount to NHS Staff currently. If you would like to save even more money on Sports Direct, then you can check back here for the latest deals and discounts.

How do I use my Blue Light Card at Sports Direct?

Blue Light Card

But more importantly, you can get money off at Sports Direct. All you need to do is log in to your account and search for Sports Direct. You will then need to select ‘Click here to see discount code’ and a code will then be sent to your email address. You can then use it when you checkout.

Can you use Blue card in Sports Direct?

Whether you’re a football fan, updating your gym kit or taking those first steps into a healthier lifestyle with some new trainers; Blue Light Card members can take their look (and their training) to the next level with top NHS discounts at Sports Direct.

How do I use my Blue Light Card online?

How do I use my Blue Light & Defence Services Discount?
  1. Log into your Blue Light account or Defence Services account and head to the New Look discount section to find the current promo code.
  2. Enter the promotional code shown into the box marked ‘Enter a Promo Code’ and click ‘Apply code’ (see below).

Does Primark accept Blue Light Card?

There is a range of high street brands where you can get discounted gift cards such as Argos, B&Q, Currys, IKEA, Just Eat, M&S, Primark, Tesco and more.

Can my wife use my Blue Light Card?

The Blue Light Card member must be present in person for the transaction to claim the discount. It cannot be passed to a friend or family member or any other person.

Do teachers get Blue Light Card?

Do teachers qualify for the Blue Light Card? The bad news is, teachers don’t qualify for the Blue Light Card, which is a shame as it’s a handy card to have.