How do I find out what my sports cards are worth?

How do I find out what my sports cards are worth? 

  1. Step 1: Find a card that you would like to find the value of.
  2. Step 2: Figure out the manufacturer (Topps, Bowman, Fleer, etc).
  3. Step 3: Figure out what year your card is from.
  4. Step 3: Honestly assess the condition of the card.
  5. Step 4: Search eBay for the card you have “1957 Topps Sandy Koufax.”

What sports cards are valuable right now? 

25 baseball cards that are now worth a fortune
  • 1909-11 Honus Wagner T206 The Jumbo Wagner.
  • 1909-11 Ty Cobb Tobacco T-206 Ty Cobb Back.
  • 2009 Mike Trout Bowman Chrome Draft Red Refractor Autograph /5.
  • 1969 Reggie Jackson Topps RC #260 Dmitri Young Collection.

How do I check my card comps? 

What sports cards from the 90s are worth money? 

Let’s say you collected football cards during the 1990s, and now you’re revisiting your old collection and wondering if anything you have is valuable. We’ve got you covered!

Off we go!

  • 1996 Bowman’s Best #164 Ray Lewis.
  • 1996 SP #7 Terrell Owens.
  • 1999 Bowman’s Best #110 Kurt Warner.
  • 1993 Ultra #331 Michael Strahan.

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Are any 80s or 90s baseball cards worth anything?

Sports card values from the late 1980s and early 1990s are pretty much worthless, with some notable exceptions.

Which 90s baseball cards are worth money?

Plenty of reasons with this is certainly one of the most valuable baseball cards of the 80’s and 90’s.
  • 1987 Donruss Barry Bonds Error.
  • 1993 Finest Refractor Ken Griffey.
  • 1991 Topps Desert Shield Chipper Jones.
  • 1990 Topps Frank Thomas No Name.
  • 1989 Ken Griffey Jr.
  • 1988 Craig Biggio.
  • 1993 SP FOIL Derek Jeter.

Are there any 1990 baseball cards worth money?

1990 Fleer Sammy Sosa (#548)

No one ever accused 1990 Fleer baseball cards of being anything other than a nuisance species, but the big cards from the set still make some waves (or at least ripples) from time to time. This plentiful Sammy RC brings around $7 in graded MINT condition.

Are basketball cards from the 90s worth anything?

Your basketball cards can be worth anything from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars. Looking at the 1990 cards above, the 97/ 98 UD Game Jersey Michael Jordan #GJ13 is worth a whopping $599,999.99, while the 1998 UD SP Authentic Michael Jordan #M4 is worth $22,575.

What football cards are worth collecting?

The 40 Most Valuable Football Cards Guide
  • 1935 National Chicle Bronko Nagurski Rookie Card.
  • 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket Tom Brady Rookie Card (Autograph)
  • 1965 Topps Joe Namath Rookie Card.
  • 1958 Topps Jim Brown Rookie Card.
  • 1894 Mayo Anonymous (John Dunlop, Harvard)
  • 1957 Topps Johnny Unitas Rookie Card.

Are 80s sports cards worth anything?

From iconic rookies to timeless bases, the top cards from the ’80s have sparked a nearly immeasurable amount of nostalgia in the hobby. And with those fond flashbacks have come lots of four- and five-figure deals. Cards that were once ripped in gas station parking lots are worth thousands on eBay today.

What is the rarest football card ever?

The 1894 Mayo Cut Plug anonymous/John Dunlop card is the rarest football card ever, by general consensus. In fact, the card is often referred to as “the Honus Wagner of football cards.”

What brand of football cards are worth the most?

Top Football Card Brands 2021: Coming Soon
  • 2021 Panini Select Football. As we just made clear, Panini is the king of the hill when it comes to football cards.
  • 2021 Panini Prizm Football. While Panini Select is on the move for the top spot in Panini card brand dominance, Prizm still reigns supreme.

What card is worth the most money?

The current record price is the US$6.606 million paid for a 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card in August 2021, breaking all previous records.

What cards should I collect?

Rookie cards are always the best cards to collect for profit because they represent the first cards printed for particular players. You may find cards from other years that are less expensive to buy, but keep in mind they’ll also be less valuable in the future.

Are sports cards still worth collecting?

Unfortunately, they won’t likely be worth much (unless you’ve got some very specific sets like 1986-87 Fleer Basketball). For the most part, the collections people have from the ’80s and ’90s are not strong because those cards were over-produced. There was too much supply and not enough demand.

How can I sell my sports cards?

15 Best Places to Sell Sports Cards
  1. Beckett.
  2. Blowout Forums.
  3. Card Shows.
  4. COMC.
  5. Dave & Adam’s.
  6. eBay.
  7. Facebook Groups.
  8. Kruk Cards.

Why are sports cards so hot right now?

The Pandemic

The lockdowns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic found many people staying home without a lot to do. As a result, local businesses began to notice a vast increase in buying and selling sports cards.