Google says H1 headings are useful but not critical

Google says H1 headings are useful but not critical

Webmasters have always stressed

H1 tags in every web page since the advent of SEO. Google H1 tags are essential for good ranking. John Mueller, a Google Hangout participant, dispelled this myth. We were all surprised when a user asked us if H1 tags were important for a webpage. Although H1 headings can be helpful for Google to understand each page’s structure, they are not essential.

He said that a web site can have either one or multiple H1 tags. It does not affect a website’s ranking. An SEO agency will flag any missing H1 tags on your site, but this should not be a problem. One tag or two tags can be used. They will provide a great user experience and not impact your Google ranking. It is a smart move to keep using H1 tags, as Google places more emphasis on providing a positive user experience.

Another question was how often we should use H1 tags to benefit website owners. John said that you can use it as many times as necessary. There is no limit. The algorithm does not consider the H1 tag count. H1 tags do not serve as ranking elements for websites so their use will not be of any benefit to you.

Why should we continue to use H1 tags

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After John Mueller made this statement, he also provided valid reasons for us to continue using H1 tags. H1 tags are used to organize the content of a webpage. This allows users to have a neat and clean website. These tags are not only useful for users but also search engines. They allow them to easily read the pages and comprehend the different sections. It is therefore equally valuable when used correctly. It has become more common to have more than one H1 tag per webpage since HTML5 was launched.

Earlier developers used H1 tags to direct search results to their favor, regardless of content relevancy. Google algorithms now understand this and are more sophisticated. This is why H1 tags no longer rank but are a way to provide quality content to users.