Gaming Technology Advances: You Should Be Aware

Gaming Technology Advances: You Should Be Aware

Video gaming became popular in the eighties. They are now much more sophisticated than ever. Technology has advanced to the point that choosing a gaming keyboard is difficult. The future will be even more complicated as we know a lot about gaming advancements that will change the industry.

Facial Recognition Software

With facial recognition and 3D scanning you can create an avatar that looks exactly like you in a game. You can also use this technology to translate expressions into digital creations. Developers can now create games that adapt to gamer emotions thanks to the Intel RealSense3D camera. For example, if you make a lot of grunts, it may cause the game to reduce difficulty to make things more fun.

Voice Recognition Software

Voice-controlled gaming isn’t new, but it’s now as sophisticated as it can be to make gaming more enjoyable. You can control your console with simple commands. You can also use social media to interact with it and play movies. Many people already use the technology to search for the information they need on the internet.

Gesture Controls

Are you too lazy to use your controller? Intel Real-Sense technology allows you to play FPS games simply by waving your hand. A special 3D camera can detect hand movements and track them. Gesture control technology enhances gaming experience while making you more physically active.

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How could we forget the incredible graphics that are possible in gaming now? The days of 8-bit graphics are gone. Gamers can now experience their games in fully rendered worlds that look real and feel as if they are real. The use of high quality images makes it easier to play games. You can almost feel like you’re in a game.

High-Definition Displays

Graphics are amazing, but would not be possible if Ultra 4K displays weren’t developed. Displays that could display 4K at once were very expensive. They are now quite affordable. Crispness and colors are simply unbeatable and much better than 1080p.

Virtual Reality

Most VR gaming consoles currently in development have not been released yet. We know what’s possible because of what we know about VR headsets. Gamers can experience truly immersive gaming, and may even find themselves lost in the games.

Combine VR and augmented reality to create a world of endless possibilities. AR lets you play real-world games. AR eliminates the need for a monitor. Each game is unique because it’s all about you.

Cloud Gaming

In the past, developers created systems that were built with very strong hardware. Cloud technology is being considered by many. It can reduce the load and hardware requirements of gamers. You can play games on a large server, and get specs you cannot afford. You can stream the gameplay on your screen, so you can have the best time possible even with the most inept computer.

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