Four Ways to Improve Local Citations

Four Ways to Improve Local Citations

SEO are essential to getting your name out and giving the right information to clients.

But the SEO domain is so vast, with each sub-niche having varying efficiency levels and success in getting your name out.

Local citations are a key SEO factor that every business owner must consider when advertising their business online.

Self-explanatory, MOZ, describes local citations as listings of your businesses’ name, address, and number.

Why Do Local Citations Matter

Even if your company does not have links from social media platforms or business directories, local citations can help improve your brand’s search ranking. These citations will also establish your business in the local community and help you build trust with potential customers.

As you can see, improving your local links will improve search traffic and credibility.

How can I improve my citations.

Learn more about the top four ways to improve local citations.

Reiterating what we have already said, there are three components to a local citation. These components include Name and Address.

There are many other elements to local citations, such as operating hours, email addresses, fax numbers, reviews, attributes and payment methods. NAP provides a better description of your business and is therefore more popular.

In fact, NAP not only helps in accurately describing your company but also improves your local search engine results. Because search engines like Google will use NAP data to aid in geo-targeted queries,

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Now let’s talk about the consistency of your NAP. Search engines may find it difficult to geo-target your business if your NAP is inconsistent across different listings.

To avoid confusion, ensure that your NAP remains consistent across all locations. If your NAP is , this means that it should be:

Houston Car Rental

Able Road 65483

Houston, TX 6789

(832) 555-6666

The same exact Nap should be listed on all other listings as-is. Referring Street to ST. Texas to TX is one common form of NAP inconsistency.

You should ensure that your NAP remains consistent across all listings.

You’ll need to be cited in order to advertise your business.

But with so many listing sites and options it can be a challenge.

The good news is that you can hire citation builders to help you build local citations, and get them listed.

To get started, however, explore some of the most popular citation options such as ;


  • Yelp
  • Angie’s List
  • Better Business Bureau

Local SEO citations are within your jurisdiction. You can make local citations work for you by using them in conjunction with links from local sources.

Getting local citations is just as important as the reviews you get from Yelp and other local listings. It will improve your marketing efforts, increase your local search visibility, as well as your credibility on the internet platform.

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Time can be a valuable commodity, especially in marketing.

Rather than spending hours searching the internet looking for business citations for your business, web tools can make your job easier.

Some tools you might consider using are:

  • Moz Local
  • Express Update
  • Local Site Summit


Local Citations are key to your business’ growth. Local citations can drive huge amounts of traffic to your company and reduce your advertising costs.