Expertly fix the “This Copy Of Windows is Not Genuine” error –

Expertly fix the “This Copy Of Windows is Not Genuine” error –

We live in a digitalized age where computers are vital and essential. It is important that everyone understands the basics of computer errors and how to correct them. Although you can call professionals to correct these errors, it may take too long and cost you a lot. Many people search the internet to find the most effective and efficient ways to fix these errors. Numerous times, you may face the “This Copy of Windows is not Genuine build 7601 Windows PC Error” while working on your PC or installing the Windows OS.

It is possible that your computer does not have a copy of Windows. You can try different software to activate the windows. You may need to fix the problem permanently if you continue to experience these types of errors and issues. This problem may arise if you purchased a new laptop or computer after the expiration of your free license. This is the most common error that can occur when installing windows on a new laptop or PC. You want your OS to run smoothly, just like a genuine version. Yes? Follow these simple steps to find out. First, understand the possible causes.

What Are The Possible Causes Of This Issue?

Windows O.S. PC error problem

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Winbuild7 build 7601 error

Windows Operating System issue

These are possible causes for errors that you may be facing. However, you don’t need to call a professional because you can solve the problem yourself without any difficulties. These are some simple ways to fix your error problem –


1. Start By Disabling The Plug & Play Policy –

Just go to the Start Menu and type CMD into the search box


After right-clicking the CMD option

, click on “Run As Administrator”


Go to the folder

“Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Security Settings/System Services.”

Scroll down to the plug, and you can play

Start by double-clicking it, and then go back to the CMD option

Type “gpupdate/force” in the box and then press ENTER

Close all tabs that are open, and you’re done.

2. Start restoring the system of your Windows PC –

Click the start button to search for system restoration in the search option

system restore

Click on “NEXT .”

system restore

Select your appropriate restore point

Click “NEXT” then “FINISH” and finally “CONFIRM .”

After a while, it will automatically be restored

Now you can close all tabs

3. Go for slmgr -rearm Command –

Open the start menu, and then type CMD again


Click “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR”, and then type “slmgr-rearm” command

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After confirming the popup that states ‘Command Completed Successfully .’

, restart your computer.

4. Rename the user account-

You can now open “MY COMPUTER .”

Double-click on the C-Drive to Open It

Go to the Windows and click on “system32 folder ”

Right click on ‘slui key’

Next, click on the properties option and then on the security tab

Select the option “ADVANCED .”

Click on the OWNER tab to edit your user account name. Then click OK

To have full control

, you can click on “ALLOW”.

Change your wallpaper, then restart your computer

These are the best and most cost-effective ways to correct the “This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine” error as quickly as possible without having to hire a professional.