Design your product pages to increase conversions

Design your product pages to increase conversions

The product page of your e-commerce website will be the one that customers visit to make a purchase or leave. It is often overlooked in the sales funnel. The majority of owners focus on the checkout page and what happens after a customer adds a product into their cart, but forget about the product pages. They don’t realize that customers won’t go far if you don’t create a product page that converts.

Product pages explain to customers why they should buy your product. They also list the needs it meets and what details they need to make a purchase decision. While great images and detailed descriptions are important, there’s more to it than that.

Here are some tips on how to design your product pages to increase conversions.

Display social proof in the form of customer-generated photos

People trust content from others. This is why user-generated material is a valuable tool for many ecommerce retailers. Most retailers still rely on text-based customer reviews. These reviews are valuable and useful, but you can take it to the next level by including customer-generated photos on product pages. These photos can be used as visual social proof and could influence visitors’ purchase decisions. Hire the best web design company in Australia to redesign your product pages.

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Use interactive elements to guide customer purchases

To increase conversions, customers should be able to move quickly from product page to checkout page and make their purchase. From the customer’s perspective, a quick and easy purchase process is beneficial. Interactive elements should be added to help customers navigate to your landing pages or product. Interactive features could be like a 360deg view of the product, size comparison guide, product demo, social sharing buttons and the option of the colour change in the photos. Mobile shoppers should be considered when adding interactive elements to product pages. Mobile conversions are on the rise due to high purchase rates.

Highlight clear call to action

Although it may seem obvious, optimizing product pages should not be so overwhelming that you lose the most important element-the Add to Cart button. Customers should have an easy time buying. This means that a call-to-action button should not be too prominent or distracting from your ecommerce store’s design. You should also test the button’s colour. Simple changes such as changing the color of the button from blue to red can increase conversions. Take a look at what your competitors do to learn from them.

Highlight price changes

If you offer a discount, be sure to mention the price of the product previously. You should also show how much money your customers would save by purchasing your product. If the price of your product is going to rise again, inform the customers when and how much. The urgency to purchase now is increased by the threat of having to pay more in the future. This will increase your conversion rate.

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Improve the way of explaining product features

How you describe the products can have a major impact on how people perceive it. It is possible that you have become accustomed to listing product features and characteristics as they are. You should focus on the benefits of the features rather than what they can do. This approach works well. However, you can improve your explanation and change your strategy. It is important to start writing about the benefits that people will get from the product. Instead of focusing on the waterproofness of your earphones, talk about how you can listen to music while enjoying your favourite water sports.

Have a headline that matches the user’s query

The headline is an important element of your product pages as it is the most prominent. The product name is often the headline of the product page. You can change it slightly and add a winning title. Match the product title copy to the way that potential customers search for your product. A pleasant and effective headline can make a huge difference in conversions. When launching a campaign (especially PPC), tie your headline to the product page headline. PPC services are also available. You should also ensure that your product stands out from the rest online. The headline should convey the unique value proposition of your product to readers immediately.

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These are just a few of the ways to redesign product pages for improved usability and conversions. Also, remember that SEO is an important element in increasing your ROI. One Stop Media, Melbourne’s leading provider of SEO, SEM, SMO, web design and development, can help you plan your SEO strategy and design product pages.