Delivery in eCommerce: How to Select the Most Suitable and Calculate The Price

Delivery in eCommerce: How to Select the Most Suitable and Calculate The Price

It seems that more delivery options in an online store are better for sales. Every customer can choose the right option for price and delivery time. You will need to arrange the shipment in ten different ways, and to control delivery.

It’s easier to choose two delivery options for your store, as per the advice:

One of the methods should be as inexpensive as possible. Delivery costs are always perceived by the buyer as an unjustified cost. This is even if they were known in advance. For those who are extremely economical, it may be worth offering an affordable option. It is possible to delay a week for terms. Courier delivery is available for buyers who need an urgent shipment.

Be sure to include self-delivery. Some prefer to pick up their order at a time that suits them, rather than waiting for the courier to arrive. You don’t have to organize self-pickup from your offline shop. There are many other options, which we will discuss in this article.

Important: Create a page on your site that describes all delivery methods. This will allow the client to see the terms in advance and not be surprised by unexpected payments during the registration process.

To calculate the delivery cost, you can use courier and postage rates. You can also assign a fixed price or choose to have it delivered free of charge.

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Choice of the delivery method

It all depends on what product you are selling. These fragile and bulky items, like flowerpots, may be safer to ship by courier than mail. Consider the weight and dimensions of the parcels before you look at the various options.

Calculating shipping costs

How much should you charge for delivery so that customers aren’t scared away and you don’t lose money? We offer multiple strategies:

Use delivery service rates

This option is great if you have integration with delivery service. The cost of delivery is automatically calculated (with the assistance of shipping suite from mageworx), when the buyer places an online order. You can also set up delivery costs in your store based on shipping rates.

Make free delivery

A nice option for clients. Clients have to make one decision: to purchase the product at the stated price. You must set these prices to ensure that delivery costs are not excessive.

This strategy works best if your original product is sold and customers can’t compare prices with anyone else. You can also offer free shipping to increase your customer attraction.

Set a fixed rate

In this instance, the delivery cost is the same for everyone. Both small orders sent to the other side of the country as well as large orders from nearby cities.

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You don’t need to spend time calculating multiple tariffs. However, it may not be profitable to ship parcels to remote areas.

Conclusion. A fixed delivery charge can be set for the same product (e.g., sweatshirts only). You can also work in the closest region.