Compare the Top 4 WordPress Contact Form plugins

Compare the Top 4 WordPress Contact Form plugins

Although WordPress may seem to do everything, you will probably find that WordPress has a lot more potential for growth. WordPress has many plugins that can be used to fill in the gaps or expand its functionality. A contact form is one thing that you should add to your website.

There are many reasons this is better than simply posting your email to your site. These include avoiding spam, ease-of-use for customers and gathering additional information. You might be surprised to see that there are many plugins for creating contact forms. Which one should you choose? It all depends on your skills and needs. Below is a quick comparison of the top four WordPress plugins for creating contact forms.

Contact Form 7

This is the most popular contact form builder and also the oldest. It is reliable and has well-known behaviors. There is also a large community that can answer questions. However, it does not have a modern interface. It uses html to build the forms. You should have some knowledge of this language. It supports CAPTCHA and other predefined fields. If you have the technical skills, you can modify the open-source code to suit your needs. Third-party add-ons are available to improve it, but they aren’t on the official website. The best thing about it, as usual, is its free use and no additional fees.

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Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a new drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create custom fields from a wider range of predefined fields. To make this work, the user does not need to modify any code. You can use the basic plugin on any site you like. However, if you need additional functionality or addons, you’ll need to buy memberships or purchase addons. There are many add-ons available, including multi-part forms and conditional logic. You can also integrate with Freshbooks, Mailchimp and Salesforce. The downside is that addons can be more expensive than a plugin with a free option. You can increase your functionality slowly, but you can save money by purchasing a more functional plugin right away.


WPForms is the easiest to use contact form builder. It has a simple drag and drop interface that is easy, reliable, and clean. It is easy to create complex forms using this interface. You can choose from several options to get more advanced features, and the cost of starting is very low. Although the lite version is free, it has less functionality than the premium version. It is well worth paying the small fee to upgrade to the base premium version. It is important to remember that the focus on simplicity and a user-friendly interface can come at the expense of complex features found in other plugins. Other features were overlooked because the priority was given to the user interface.

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Pirate Forms

Pirate Forms is a quick and easy to use contact form. It can be set up in less than one minute and allows you to add forms quickly. However, it limits you to simple forms. The software supports reCaptcha, SMTP, and the ability to store all contacts in an included database. Visitors can send automated email notifications when they use the contact form. This alerts staff to ensure that messages are being received. Although it is free, there are very affordable premium upgrades.


As you can see, there are many options for the best contact forms creators, depending on what you need and want. These were designed to be easy-to-use, not provide complex functionality. You might search for a particular function to find the best plugins. Premium plugins offer an integrated suite with complex functions. It is possible to add plugins that support many features to Ninja Forms, but it is often more cost-effective to purchase a package with all the functionality you need and some you don’t than to use a lot of add-ins.

Identify your key features, and do research based on them. Complex, multi-functional forms will require you to give up simple user interfaces. You will also need technical knowledge. You will still get the plugin that you want with all the features that you require. This is what matters most, satisfying your needs without spending more for features you don’t need. Find out what plugins you need. Choose the best match. Do not be intimidated by the selection. It is a rich environment with many options.

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