Can you listen to live football on radio?

Can you listen to live football on radio? Live Radio Commentary

Digital and online Radio stations are a great way for fans to catch live commentary of the match since they remain free – not only this, they are on the move and on smartphones / mobile devices so listening in is a better option for many.

Can you listen to soccer games on the radio? ESPN Radio is a U.S. radio sports network owned by ESPN, Inc. The station provides live match coverage from the MLS and UEFA Champions League games as well as live coverage from other sports like the MLB, NBA, College Football Playoff and more.

Is radio 5 live available on FM? It is however broadcast in stereo on FM and DAB on BBC Local Radio frequencies overnight, usually from 1 am until BBC Local Radio commences morning broadcasts, usually from 5 am.

What radio station can I listen to Premier League? BBC Radio 5 Live has been the Premier League’s national radio partner since the League began in 1992. Providing live commentaries and an on-site reporter at every match, for the three seasons from 2019/20 to 2021/22, BBC Radio 5 Live will audio broadcast approximately 140 live Premier League matches each season.

Can you listen to live football on radio? – Additional Questions

How can I listen to football games?

  1. Find a radio station or an audio stream to hear every NFL primetime and postseason game.
  2. Listen to the NFL on SiriusXM.
  3. Listen live to every NFL game for every team—all on TuneIn.

What radio station is the World Cup soccer game on?

BBC Radio 5 Live – World Cup.

What frequency is talkSPORT FM?

In the UK, Talksport is available on its primary frequency in London, 1089 kHz, as well as 1053 kHz, 1071 kHz, and 1107 kHz, DAB, Sky, Virgin Media, Freeview, on mobile, and online at


First air date 14 February 1995 (as Talk Radio UK) 17 January 2000 (as Talksport)

What radio station is Liverpool v Man Utd on?

To tune in to talkSPORT or talkSPORT 2 through the website, click HERE for the live stream. You can also listen via the talkSPORT app, on DAB digital radio, through your smart speaker and on 1089 or 1053 AM.

What radio station is Liverpool match on today?

BBC Radio 5 Live – 5 Live Sport – Next on.

Where can I hear the Liverpool game?

All the matches

Live commentary on all of Liverpool’s domestic matches is also available on BBC Radio Merseyside (95.8 FM and 1485 MW).

How can I listen to Liverpool 24 7?

How to Listen
  1. Liverpool Live broadcasts across Liverpool & beyond on the the NE Wales, Cheshire & Merseyside Multiplex. (
  2. Just download the App to your IPhone, Ipod Touch, Android Phone or Apple Watch & select “Liverpool Live”
  3. You can also receive us on your Sonos or Bose in home audio systems.

Where do I find Radio Merseyside?

BBC Radio Merseyside, 95.8 FM, Liverpool, UK | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

How can I get Radio Merseyside?

Listen to BBC Radio Merseyside via app live and for free |

What frequency is Kiss FM in Liverpool?

This station has more than one FM frequency in its broadcast area of ‘UK’.

Listen to KISS on FM.

FM 97.2 MHz
FM 106.4 MHz
FM 107.7 MHz

What station is Kiss FM UK?

Kiss (UK radio station)
Frequency DAB: 11D/12A Digital One (UK) DAB: 12C London 1 FM: 97.2 MHz (Bristol) FM: 100.0 MHz (London) FM: 101.0 MHz (Severn Estuary) FM: 102.5 MHz (Dublin) FM: 105.6 MHz (Cambridge) FM: 106.1 MHz (Norwich) FM: 106.4 MHz (Ipswich & Colchester) FM: 107.7 MHz (Peterborough)

Where is Kiss FM UK located?

KISS FM UK live. Kiss is a UK radio station that broadcasts nationally on DAB Digital Radio and on FM in London, Bristol, the Severn Estuary and East Anglia. This station was born in October 1985 as a pirate radio station, broadcasting first to South London then across the whole city, on 94FM.

What FM is available in my area?

This is a list of radio stations in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
  • Radio City 91.1 FM – Kannada.
  • Radio Indigo 91.9 FM – English.
  • Big 92.7 FM – Kannada.
  • Red FM 93.5 FM – Hindi (from Nov 2012)
  • Radio One 94.3 FM – English.
  • Radio Mirchi Radio 95 – Hindi.
  • Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM – Kannada.
  • Amrutavarshini 100.1 FM – Classical music.