Can I use feminine soap to clean my menstrual cups?

Can I use feminine soap to clean my menstrual cups?

While they are not usually gender-inclusive in branding or name, intimate/feminine washes are often safe for us on the vulva. They are safe to use for cleaning your cup. Unscented products are best, as they don’t smell.

Can I use coconut oil to insert menstrual cup?


Yes! Another option is to use an aloe-based, non-toxic lubricant. You should also ensure that you use the correct cup size!

What’s the difference between Model 1 and Model 2 Diva Cup?

Model 1 is for women under the age of 30 who have never given birth. Model 2 is for women 30 or older and/or who have given birth. Because the vaginal muscles hold The DivaCup in place, it is important to use Model 2 if you are over 30, even if you have not had children.

Can I try menstrual cup before period?

Yes! The cup is safe to be worn before your period begins, or when you have a lot of fluid. What happens if my cup is left in for too long? Cups can be safely worn for up to 12 hours.

How do I know if I insert my diva cup correctly?

If the menstrual cups have been properly inserted, you may hear a “pop”, or a suction sound. This indicates that the cup is unfolded and has created the suction seal. If in doubt, feel around the cup’s base. It should feel round-shaped or oval with no noticeable folds.

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Can menstrual cups cause UTI?

In relation to menstrual cups, if your cup restricts urine flow and does not allow you to empty your bladder fully, this could lead to a UTI. However, it is rare.

Why does my diva cup make me feel like I have to pee?

The uterus literally sits on top of your bladder and puts pressure. There are two reasons why a menstrual cups puts pressure on your bladder.