Black Friday Deals: Mi, One Plus and Asus Smartphones at Exceptional Discounts

Black Friday Deals: Mi, One Plus and Asus Smartphones at Exceptional Discounts

Gearbest will make your Christmas even more special. The Black Friday sale comes with 70% off on the leading brands and products. Black Friday is the most important day for Shoppers. Gearbest offers the best deals to keep customers shopping. The amazing Black Friday deals have proven to be a success in converting offline shoppers to Gearbest’s online portal, according to statistics.

More than 130 million are expected to shop online on the Black Friday sale over the online stores. Gearbest is well-known for its contribution to customers’ shopping experience. Black Friday is a great time to shop. You can find the best products at a fraction of the retail price.

This year the Black Friday sale is starting at Gear best on 24th November 2017. The busiest shopping day is going to give you at least 30% off on all the gadgets. The maximum discount can reach up to 80% during the peak selling hour.

The Great Discount On Big Brand Smartphones

Gearbest Black Friday Best Buy Sale boasts about the best smartphones from Xiaomi. Since the launch of MI series, 2017 has been the top-selling brand. Xiaomi has created a line of dual-camera phones that are significantly cheaper than market prices. Xiaomi is a brand that focuses on low cost and high-quality handsets.

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With so many customizable options in MI Store, these handsets are hard to resist. –

are some of the chartbuster sets available on black Friday.

Xiaomi MI Note 3 – The 4 G tablet with 128 GB RAM is the best buy at $393. 72 instead of $476.46.

  • Xiaomi MI Max 2 – this is yet another 4 G tablet available at just $199. 99 instead of $317.19. Imagine the huge discount Gearbest offers on the bestselling gadget.
  • Xiaomi MI 6 – the era of 4 G has already captivated the market. So this is another 4 G smartphone priced at just $409. 99 instead of $527. 05
  • Xiaomi MI Note 2 – priced at $299. 11 instead of $376. 66, the 4 G tablet will certainly impress you like anything.

Grab the Deal on Branded Smartphone

What else?

These are just a few of the many deals available at Gear best 2017 Cyber Friday sale. You can also buy lots of other gadgets at up to 50% off from Vernee, ulefone, and oukitel.

Vernee, another brand that is emerging like Xiaomi, has enchanting specifications for its launched smartphones. The brand’s headquarters is in China and is very particular about providing innovative products to customers. Vernee’s operating team is made up of a passionate and dedicated team of engineers. Vernee is committed to offering amazing handsets at a lower price. Gearbest contributed to the company’s success by launching the best smartphones from Vernee during the 2017 Flash Sale.

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are Vernee’s top-selling smartphones.

  • Vernee Mars Pro
  • Vernee Thor plus
  • Vernee Thor E
  • Vernee Thor
  • Vernee Apollo
  • Vernee Apollo Lite
  • Vernee Apollo X

Which one should I buy?

Well according to our research, there is no other set which is better than word Vernee mix 2 priced at $199. 99 in the Gearbest black Friday sale. The original cost of the handset is $227.85. Vernee mix offers more features at a lower price. There are just 175 pieces left altogether.

Is there any other choice?

If you do not wish to buy these models, you still have a choice in the form of Vernee Mars Pro which has 6GB RAM and a big screen for more handiness. With the limited stock of 183 pieces all together, you need to haste in ordering the handset.