Best Way To Get Website Visitors

Best Way To Get Website Visitors

Generating website traffic to your website is the most important thing to do when you’re looking to build your online presence.

Despite the myths, driving traffic to your website isn’t difficult, so long as you know a few tips and tricks to make it easier.

All it takes is some organic traffic arriving by multiple routes to get more traffic, clicks, views, and purchases on your site. This could be through paid search traffic, referral traffic, optimizing your digital marketing and content marketing, or working on social media marketing to build a social media post to generate traffic.

If all of that means nothing to you, don’t worry. We’re here to clear it all up today.

Search Engine Optimization

This is the first thing you need to think about, because search engine optimization (SEO) means more traffic (and more relevant traffic) will find your website.

Google analytics and search engines look for websites that are optimized. That means there will be plenty of instances of:

  • Long tail keywords (long tail keywords are keywords or phrases that are most relevant to a searcher’s enquiry and are important for your keyword strategy for increasing traffic)
  • Clear and structured content (important for content marketing as it shows you can create content that’s easy to follow)
  • Web pages that answer searcher’s questions directly (you want to be at the top of a search engine results page, and by answering the enquiry clearly, you will be)
  • Internal links (driving traffic to explore your website more for more helpful information)
  • Well formatted content (more traffic will arrive at websites that search engines can make sense of)
  • Work on site loads (the longer the loading times, the less organic traffic will arrive because the search engines won’t like the slower loading times)
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But the important thing here is that these things that play a role in SEO are important to your website traffic – i.e. the people using the search engines.

When they click a blog post or article that you’ve created, they want to see these things as much as Google analytics and search engines do.

So, if you want more web traffic, then think about them and the search engines, and you’ll find more traffic will arrive organically.

A note on keyword research

Increasing traffic is possible with the right keywords. Target long tail keywords for more specific results, but finder a shorter target keyword too that acts as a catch-all.

Long tail keywords are good for specific enquiries that’ll drive more website traffic your way, but increasing website traffic can be done by being more general too.

It’s about striking a balance.

You’ll need to do your own keyword research to determine if you’re using the right ones.

How much traffic arrives at landing pages on your website depends on search engine bots being able to notice your site as being relevant to potential customers browsing the internet or general viewers.

That can only happen with the right target keyword (determined by thorough keyword research) flagging as a relevant target keyword for website traffic.

Content marketing advice

Content marketing is essentially to do with giving customers content they want. That means every blog post you create, every article you write, and every image you post should speak, in some way, to the relevant online communities that are interested in your content.

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But there’s a snag.

Not all website traffic will want to see the exact same thing. So that means every blog post needs to cover something new, every blog post needs to vary in length, and every blog post needs to stand on its own as something that can generate traffic. All whilst remaining cohesive and relevant to your website and the content you create.

Basically, for content marketing, your website needs to make sense as a whole, but generate traffic differently by catching different customers and viewers by remaining varied.

Blog post: How to handle it

Even if you aren’t trying to drive traffic to your blog, it helps with your website too. Blog posts are designed to tackle issues people want answers to, so search traffic will arrive at your website much more organically if you’re answering the big questions. From there, using internal links, you can send them to your website – the place you really want them.

You can use google search console for internal links. Basically, google search console works by leaving breadcrumbs in your blog posts that will take people to your website.

But a blog post is about more than just links.

Keywords and blog posts

They go hand in hand. Promote blog posts by creating blog posts for each relevant keyword to your website. This is the best way to increase web traffic because your target audience will find you in the search results from multiple different angles.

No matter their search, your website will be relevant, and that’s the best way to get consistent traffic.

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Make sure the keywords and blog posts are evergreen (i.e. not like news articles that will date quickly), because these few articles will be your bread and butter for bringing quality traffic to your site regularly.

Guest post

Writing a guest article or guest post is clever online marketing. Look for big websites relevant to your website that accept guest posts, and see if you can write for them.

Other blogs and other sites are looking to increase website traffic too, so work together. Guest blogging and writing a guest blog is a great way to bring traffic to your website.

It’s a fine example of free tools in generating more traffic too, because it works on a ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ basis.

Social media posts

Digital marketing isn’t just limited to driving traffic from a search engine results page. Digital marketing can bring organic traffic to your website through social media too.

Of course, you can pay for Google ads to get your content in front of social media followers, but this is basically another way of getting paid traffic to your website.

Instead, focus on interacting with people as humans first, and businesses second.

Use social media monitoring to reach your target audience and help them with problems they’re having End. to your website. Sometimes a quick comment on a post is more effective than a comprehensive blog post or guest blog elsewhere.

Remember, to get more organic traffic, you need to impress your audience before you impress the search engines – and that really is the secret to getting more website visitors!