Best States to Live

Best States to Live

You are thinking of relocating and wondering what other states are better than your current state?

The United States boasts of fifty states plus the nation’s capital. Some have high crime rates and high living costs out of these states. However, many of these states boast of a good economy, functional healthcare system, advanced education, and good living standards.

In this guide, we look at ten of the best states to live in USA.

What are the 10 Best States to Live in?

1.    Washington

If you live in a state that pays income tax, Washington won’t demand much from you. Combine this with the fact that the state also boasts a high median income rate of around $48,000 per year. Additionally, residents find the job market favorable, with new startups establishing themselves and major industries like tech, entertainment, and healthcare gaining more traction.

Talk about the educational facilities, and you find that the state offers better educational opportunities to both high school and college students. To sum it up, Washington has one of the best sceneries in the US.

More Facts About Washington

  • Healthcare: 4th
  • Infrastructure: 2nd
  • Economy: 3rd
  • Education: 4th
  • Crime: 15th

2.    New Hampshire

Another best US state to live in is New Hampshire. Why? The state has tons of employment opportunities to offer its residents. Statistics reveal that places like Portsmouth, which had one of the lowest unemployment rates, now rank among the nation’s best-paying job markets. The district has an average annual salary of $52,640.

Smaller regions in New Hampshire like Manchester, with a population of over 112,673 residents, even boasts of educated youngsters due to the quality level of education in the state. When it comes to the crime rate, the state is probably the safest place to live in as it ranks 1st on the safest cities in America.

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The state also boasts of strong cultural diversity and plentiful historical attractions that make it one of America’s most sought out tourist attractions.

More Facts about New Hampshire

  • Healthcare: 16th
  • Natural Environment: 4th
  • Economy: 13th
  • Education: 5th
  • Crime: 1st

3.    Minnesota

The next best states to live in the US is Minnesota. In this state, you’ll find more advanced infrastructures like museums and stadiums than in most states. Employment opportunities vary from the tech and science fields to the entertainment and white-collar jobs.

Even with a population of 3,629,190 residents, Minnesota’s economy remains strong, with each resident earning an average of $56,030 yearly. Apart from this, houses are affordable, the streets are clean, and you’ll meet many friendly neighbors.

More Facts About Minnesota

  • Healthcare: 10th
  • Economy: 18th
  • Education: 17t
  • Crime: 16th

4.    Utah

If you’re looking for a state with a good economy, infrastructure, and a reasonable standard of living, Utah will meet your taste. Utah residents love the friendly environment, the high quality of life they enjoy, the beautiful natural parks and landscapes, and the amazing fiscal stability the state offers them.

More Facts About Utah

  • Healthcare: 9th
  • Fiscal Stability: 5th
  • Education: 10th
  • Infrastructures: 3rd
  • Economy: 2nd
  • Crime: 12th

5.    Vermont

Another state you want to consider is Vermont. Vermont holds many attractions for you for the outdoor enthusiast, from skiing to snowboarding activities; you’ll never get tired of fun stuff to do. Residents also enjoy a clean natural environment, friendly neighborhoods, and high quality of life.

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More Facts about Vermont

  • Healthcare: 11th
  • Natural Environment: 7th
  • Education: 8th
  • Economy: 29th
  • Crime: 2nd

6.    Maryland

If you dream of living close to the nation’s capital but can’t afford to do so, then the next city you want to consider is Maryland. Maryland offers residents the same perks as living the DC but comes without the high cost of living the nation’s capital is known for. Due to its proximity to DC and thanks to high-paying industries like tech and healthcare, Maryland’s economy has become one of the strongest in the US.

More Facts about Maryland 

  • Healthcare: 8th
  • Economy: 26th
  • Education: 13th
  • Crime: 22nd

7.    Virginia

Another best state to live in 2022 is Virginia. Like Maryland, this state sits right next to the nation’s capital, allowing residents access to the big city quality life standard, from good-paying jobs to plenty of outdoor attractions. In fact, like DC, Virginia boasts of a strong job market, advanced educational system, beautiful natural greeneries, high-end neighborhoods, and affordable regions that will suit your preference.

More Facts About Virginia

  • Healthcare: 18th
  • Economy: 25th
  • Education: 7th
  • Crime: 9th

8.    Massachusetts

Looking for a city where you’d be free to discover yourself, Massachusetts is the Cradle of Liberty state. Residents who move to this city enjoy history and culture-filled, diverse, thriving economy and the perks of a high-quality health care system. Even the educational institutions are world-renowned, with the state housing top institutes like Massachusetts Institutes of Technology (MIT) and Harvard.

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The best part, unlike most states with an average annual salary of $56,000, this region offers its residents up to 7% raise on the median household income ranging from $65,420. So, if you’re thinking of relocating, this region might be best for you. Need interstate moving companies near me? Starkmovers is a moving company that offers you transports services from Massachusetts to any city of your choice.

More Facts about Massachusetts

  • Healthcare: 2nd
  • Economy: 7th
  • Education: 1st
  • Crime: 4th

9.    Nebraska

The ninth-best state on our list today is Nebraska. The best part of living in this area is that you wouldn’t have to bother finding jobs. Nebraska has over 500 fortune companies making it difficult to be on the top list of states with low unemployment rates. Plus, the state is affordable, from the healthcare system to rentals and food options.

More Facts About Nebraska

  • Healthcare: 27th
  • Fiscal Stability: 7th
  • Economy: 21st
  • Education: 6th
  • Crime: 24th

10. Colorado

Finally, on our list is the nature-driven state of Colorado. It’s not just one city that makes the state stand out; Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs are some top economy-driven states that offer residents a plentiful supply of jobs. There are also the big mountains and breathtaking landscape that makes the state uniquely different from others.

More Facts About Colorado

  • Healthcare: 12th
  • Economy: 1st
  • Education: 11th
  • Crime: 29th