An Overview of WAC

An Overview of WAC

Wicked article creator (WAC), is a content generator software that spins articles to generate SEO content. This tool is appreciated by article spinners as it makes it very difficult to spin content while still obtaining non-plagiarized backlinks. WAC guarantees its clients more than 100 super-spun articles to meet all their SEO needs.

How WAC works

To access the WAC’s features, you need to download and run it as an administrator. This software is only compatible with Windows. It requires a.NET Framework 4.0. The software generates only English content, which is very restrictive. GSA projects allow for the inclusion of German and Polish content writers.

Users will be able to check if WAC is compatible with their devices. You can download the WAC 4.4 trial software and test it on your device. It is a fully functional test that will only download the first 60 article of the chosen keyword or niche.

The WAC content generator limit 60 articles according to the user’s keyword/niche is a wonderful invention. This prevents users from abusing the content library. The trial copy is also limited in time and expires 48 after the first use.

On the other hand, you have the option to download the complete license WAC. You can get more SEO content with this package. Up to 200 random articles can be downloaded for any keyword or niche. This includes lifetime updates and a one-time fee. After purchasing the full license, WAC does not require you to subscribe monthly. Contrary to other fake spinning software, WAC doesn’t have hidden fees. This is a great relief for many who use content-generating software.

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The downside of WAC software is the fact that most antivirus software recognizes it as malware. You can rest assured that virus warnings are not false alarms. Users are assured that all virus development has been done in-house. Therefore, no virus would be found in commercial software. WAC also provided a complete virus report to the skeptical.

Additional assistance is available if your antivirus refuses you to download the setup file. The zip file is available on the website. To facilitate smooth operation, all you need is to extract the zip file and run WAC as administrator.

WAC offerings

Writers can produce unique and high-quality work when content generators have been optimized. WAC provides a site scraper that scrapes content from all websites, including headlines and paragraphs. It also scrapes images and videos for your keyword. This is a great tool for SEO content because you can be sure of high-ranking and unique content.

With WAC, you have access to a database with up to 5,000,000 articles. You can also choose from different output templates and create ultra-spun content using your articles. You can also create tiered projects and project data for GSA SE and transfer all content and data to GSA via API.

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WAC, a one-click spinner, has a onetime fee that gives you lifetime free updates. You do not need to register for PayPal or provide an email address to get the free trial.

Final note

Since its inception, WAC has been continuously updated and will continue to do so into the future. You should keep your WAC up-to-date for better performance. This software is a great content-generating tool and it’s very affordable.