An atom of lithium loses an electron and becomes a?

An atom of lithium loses an electron and becomes a?

When an atom Li loses an electron, the atom becomes a?

Explanation: Lithium is the 3rd element of the periodic table having electronic configuration of . This element will lose 1 electron to make (positive) ion.

When an atom loses an electron what does it become?

An atom that loses or gains an electron is called an ion. It becomes a negative-ion if it gains a positive electron. If it loses an electron it becomes a positive ion (see page 10 for more on ions).

What is lithium called when it loses an electron?

If a lithium-atom loses an electron, it becomes a Li+ cation. The elements on the left side lose electrons, while those on the right gain electrons. Oxidation is the process of losing an electron.

What experimental evidence led to the development of Rutherford’s atomic model from the one before it?

What experimental evidence was used to distinguish this model from the previous one? Some of the positive particles that were directed at a gold foil appeared to bounce back. As they gather new evidence, scientists have modified the model of an atom.

What would happen if zinc didn’t exist?

Zinc deficiencies can cause slow growth and hinder the immune system, according the National Institutes of Health. Zinc deficiency can cause severe side effects, including abnormalities in taste and smell. This is because zinc is essential for these processes.

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What is zinc mainly used for?

Zinc is used in a variety of products, including metal products and rubber. Three-quarters of the zinc consumed is used as metal. It’s used primarily as a zinc coating to protect iron or steel from corrosion (galvanized), as an alloying metal to create bronze and brass, and as zinc-based, die casting alloy and rolled zinc.

Where is zinc found most in the world?


Which country is the second largest producer of mica in the world?


Metal Leading Producer Second Leading Producer
Mercury China Mexico
Mica China Russia
Nickel Indonesia Philippines
Niobium Brazil Canada