7 Common Google My business Mistakes to Avoid

7 Common Google My business Mistakes to Avoid

Nearly all online visitors have conducted a Google search using their mobile devices prior to purchasing a product. Many of these searches are local. Google My Business is an excellent digital marketing tool. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

It is an integral part of local SEO and can help you deliver an exceptional user experience. To verify the authenticity of your brand, you will need to go through a verification process. Avoid these Google My Business errors and focus on the important SEO ranking factors.

1. Incorrect/incomplete information

Online users rarely want to search for information about your company all over the internet. You must include information such as your website URLs, hours, phone number, email address, and other pertinent details in your Google My Business account.

Start by entering all necessary information accurately without skipping any sections. If there are any changes to your listing, it is a good idea to immediately update it. To avoid confusing Google and losing customers trust, your information should be consistent throughout the internet.

2. Photos

Invest in high-quality images to reflect your values, instead of using those posted by customers. Photos that reflect your brand’s values and highlight your unique qualities can speak volumes.

Google can verify your workplace by looking at both the external and internal views. Add images of your employees, signage, and office to this Google check.

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3. Unclaimed listing

It is crucial to claim your Google My Business listing early in your business’ development. Unclaimed listings may be removed by Google or claimed for another company.

You will be able manage your listing, respond to reviews and create posts if you have passed the verification process. You will also be able to get prompt support from the team.

4. Reviews

Reviews are the most difficult aspect of Google My Business. Respond quickly to all reviews. This could result in customers losing sales and customers being dissatisfied.

Customers in this generation want an engaging experience. They will choose a brand that does that.

5. Located in

This feature was introduced recently to allow business owners the ability to update their information about their locality. Google can be used to verify that your listing contains the correct information.

It allows business owners to notify customers about a change in their location. This feature will show customers that you value them.

6. Closed businesses

Let Google know if you are closing down a business for any reason. This will make sure that the business doesn’t appear in the map pack or mislead customers.

7. Map pins

Many businesses skip this step. Online visitors depend on GPS programs to locate their destination. Because we live in digital marketing, they expect brands to be tech-savvy.

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Most people will buy from businesses that correctly pin their location to Google Map. This is why it’s important to hire an SEO company in Mumbai to manage your SEO.