5 SEO Truths You Did Not Know

5 SEO Truths You Did Not Know

SEO has become a hot topic in internet marketing and there is a growing demand for SEO experts. There are many guides, videos, articles and videos on this topic. There are many unknown facts about SEO that are surprising, despite all this. More information about SEO is being discovered as more research is done. Some of these are

1. Most people don’t look beyond the first page :. If you do some research on SEO you may have noticed that most people care about getting their pages to the top of search engine results. Usually, this is within the first five results.

This is often stated in SEO professionals’ advertisements that their website must appear on the first page search engine results pages. This is an excellent reason.

According to statistics, 75% search engine users don’t bother looking beyond the first page.

If your website is about shoes, for example, and is located on the second or third pages, it is most likely that most people who search for information about shoes will not see it.

2. Video content increases your chances of getting a higher rank :. The Google algorithm is designed to reward pages with authentic and valuable content. Videos are an apparent part of this.

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It was shown that websites with videos on their landing pages are 50% more likely have a high rank on search result pages.

This is because videos on landing pages are more indicative of interactive content than text. Text could be just a collection of keywords, but video content suggests that you are actively involved in the conversation, sharing information, or providing value.

3. Event popularity influences ranking Previously, it was believed that Google ranked events based upon inbound links from outside sources. This is not the case.

Google seems to rank events based not on their online popularity, but their real-life popularity. This is determined by the location where the event takes place.

For example, a New York event might get a lot inbound links. However, Google would rank an event at Madison Square Garden higher due to its reputation.

4. Time Travelling : In this instance, time travel refers to how long it would take to reach the event or business from the user’s location.

For example, two people might search for gyms within a specific area at the same moment, but their results may be different.

The closest gyms to each user will be displayed first, compared with the rest.

5. Google+ shares indicate high rankings :. Site owners often use this method to increase shares of their URLs across social media handles, in the hope of getting a higher ranking on search engines. However, it has been proven that high shares on Google+ are associated with high search engine rankings. This means that your site’s URL and content will be shared more often on Google+.

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Visit ROIGROUP for more information about SEO and how to rank websites highly in search engine results. These facts are quite surprising. However, we will likely learn more about SEO over the next few years.