5 Great Slots Inspired By Famous Movies And Series

5 Great Slots Inspired By Famous Movies And Series

To be honest there are some great slots out there in the making. Most being classic, fantasy-themed or most likely ancient. Either way, there is a certain category that is quite popular and special– slots that are inspired by famous movies and TV series. In this article we will be examining these types of slots, revealing everything you should know.

Baywatch Slot

So, Baywatch Slot is a fascinating Classic slot. It was developed by IGT (WagerWorks), whose software platform is now used by about 165 online casinos. The theme itself is developed from none other than the famous TV show – Baywatch. With actors including, Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff.

Rates and Refund percentage:

The feature of the slot is that you can only play for real money. The Baywatch online slot offers a matrix developed from 5 reels and three rows with 15 paylines and an RTP of 96.25%.

Bonus Features:

Wild Waves, Tidal Wilds, Teamwork, Free Spins

221b Baker Street Slot

Baker Street 221b is a free slot machine with five reels, twenty paylines and three rows of images on the screen. It features regular symbols, as well as special elements, prize spins, a double pay Game, additional multipliers, a thematic prize round, and other features.

You are allowed to use any number of available lines. The bet on each position can range from one cent to two dollars. Up to forty dollars is accepted per spin.

Winning chains are formed according to the most common principles. Several identical images must be placed next to each other on the Active line, starting from the first reel on the left. Each such sequence gives only one combination. This is considered the most valuable in this case.

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To calculate the payout, the bet made on the line is multiplied by the combination coefficient specified in the table. They range from X5 to x10,000. If there are several chains (on different lines), the winnings on them are summed up. Then the client decides what to do with the accrued money: take it to the account or try to multiply it.

The video slot also features a risk game based on chances, where you can put at stake the received payment (whole or half). It is implemented in two different ways.

First, you need to randomly name the color of the closed map. A correct answer doubles the amount, and an incorrect answer means losing it. In the second variant, you will see a staircase with doubling fees. You will take steps on it, and the random number generator will determine whether you won or lost (this version was common in slot machines at the end of the twentieth century).

Jurassic Park Slot

So, Jurassic Park Slot is an exciting video slot based on the movie Jurassic Park. Players have the chance to tour an island theme park populated by dinosaurs created from prehistoric DNA.
It was developed by Microgaming, whose software platform is currently used by about 633 online casinos. What is also important is a 5-reel slot. With 243 winning lines, many betting options are offered.

Bets and refund percentage:
The special feature of the slot is that you can only play for Real Money. The minimum number of coins when betting on each line is 1, and the maximum number is 10. the size of Jurassic Park Slot coins varies from 0.01 to 0.05 cm. The RTP indicator, or the percentage of funds returned to players, is 0. There is also a chance to win a jackpot of 30 coins. Before playing, Don’t forget to read the Microgaming platform user rules.

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Game of Thrones Slot

The Game of Thrones Slot was created by developers from Microgaming under the license of HBO on the basis of the cult TV series “Game Of Thrones“. The slot was released in 2015 and is still very popular among gamblers.

The stylish design with the use of symbols of royal houses and personnel from the series, The Soundtrack familiar to millions of TV viewers, giving the game a special charm, and original bonus features allow you to stay at the top of the video slot’s popularity rating.

When switching to Free Spins mode, the player can choose which royal house they want to represent. This determines the number of Free Spins issued and the multiplier for winning combinations:

Baratheon – 8 free spins with a multiplier of 5, the coat of arms of Baratheon appears on the reels in a composite form of three characters;

Lannister — 10 free spins with a 4X multiplier, a medallion with the coat of arms falls out in a stack of 4 icons;

Stark — 14 free spins with an 3X multiplier and stacks of 5 complex symbols with a dire wolf;

Targaryen – 18 free spins with double payouts and vertical stacks of 6 Clan coats of arms.

Ghostbuster Slot

This slot is based in New York, the city where ghosts live and the headquarters of the most famous ghost hunters is located. It is this theme that is included in the Ghostbusters video slot from International Gaming Technologies, which borrowed the plot from the 1984 film “Ghost Hunters”.

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In the casino rating, this slot occupies well-deserved places in the top. Everything that happens on the playing field is a copy of the film, starting with the sound design, graphics, animation, video inserts from the film, and ending with symbols with images of real actors such as Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Sigourney Weaver.

In addition to the reality of the events taking place on the slot monitor, the game process is equipped with amazing bonus features that can not only defeat all the ghosts, but also reward the fan of gambling entertainment with a maximum payout of 25,000,000 coins.

The guaranteed percentage of payments set by the slot’s developer, IGT for the Ghostbusters video slot, is RTP: 94%. The slot is interesting in all respects, but the low volatility will not allow players with a small deposit to feel the entire game process until the end, as the appearance of bonus values will take a certain amount of time

In Conclusion

The internet has many slot machines based on films or series. We’ve described the top 5 on the list. It’s up to you to choose the perfect fit! Find more info about your favorite slots and online casino games at SlotoGate – site which gives its readers the most trustworthy facts about casinos and their games.