My Socially Speaking™ App for iPad: Social Skills Assessment & Treatment Protocol

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Created by Penina Pearl Rybak MA/CCC-SLP, TSHH © 2012, All Rights Reserved

Developed by Amadeus Consulting Inc.


Goals of My App: 

  1. To assess social skills development in young children at risk (behavioral issues, Autism, special needs)
  2. To formulate and implement more precise, customized plans/ IEP goals to facilitate self regulation and social skills in young children at risk for social skills challenges
  3. To enhance multidisciplinary collaboration for the child in need of behavior management and social skills strategies
  4. To identify at risk children in ALL educational settings  for later language/behavioral/social skills difficulties
  5. To determine starting points for remediation of behavioral challenges in school/ home settings

Solutions My App Provides the Child's Team: 

  • The Socially Speaking™ App provides an easy, succinct, and visual way to assess and  determine "missing pieces of the puzzle" with regard to the young child's social skills development, play skills development, and self regulation skills
  • The Socially Speaking™ App ties the child's current level of behavioral/social skills functioning directly to the future lesson plans aimed at increasing pragmatic and self regulation skills in young children at risk, youn children with Autism, and young children with other special needs
  • The Socially Speaking™ App allows the iPad user to customize lesson plans with goals and graphics, to give the child's team common ground/language, better perspective, and an easier time documenting future IEP goals which are federally mandated each year for the child with special need
  • The Socially Speaking™ App allows educators and parents to screen their young children who may be at risk for social skills difficulties later on, and determine the need for further educational assessment

-- Penina Rybak MA/CCC-SLP, TSHH, Speech-Language Pathologist

ASHA Member

Objective of My Socially Speaking™iPad App 

The Socially Speaking™App was designed by myself, a practicing, pediatric, speech-language pathologist in order to facilitate a collaborative team approach for the young child at risk for behavioral/social challenges, particularly in special education settings requiring an IEP. This App is an assessment protocol containing 2 assessment checklists re: social skills development, and a lesson plan template to help the special education team of the young child with Autism and other special needs. It is designed to update baseline data, determine starting points for remediation, and succinctly document goals/techniques/materials to be used in the lesson plan both in school/therapy and at home. Both the layman and the professional can use this App to customize Behavior Intervention Plans and IEP goals for the child in need of help re: behavior management and social skills development. Upload your own photos or take photos on the go, for a unique multi-sensory experience  to facilitate teamwork. Export your entire evaluation and recommendations as a PDF, that can be mailed immediately for others to see.

☛ What is Autism Intervention and how can my App help? See my Slideshare deck! 

Professional Reviews of My App By Others in Education: 

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✰ The "Constantly Speaking" Blog endorsed it!

✰ Smart Speech Therapy LLC's founder Tatyana Elleseff, positively reviewed it!

✰ The Autism Clinic in Zambia, Africa, courtesy of CLASP International, is officially using it in conjunction with my © 2010 Socially Speaking™ Social Communication Curriculum!


The Socially Speaking™ App provides a quick and easy format for assessing social skills in young children and identifying goal areas. The questions are easy to understand making this an ideal tool to use with parents, teachers and day care providers. This tool is currently being used by C.L.A.S.P International, a non-profit that started the first graduate level training program for Speech-Language Pathologists in Zambia, as a valuable resource for identifying goal areas in children with Autism. The Socially Speaking™ App is easy to administer, provides developmentally appropriate social language and play goals, and the early intervention checklist provides ages of mastery for each skill in typically developing children. The Socially Speaking™ App is a valuable tool to supplement standardized test measures and provide functional goals to address in treatment. A must for every SLPs toolbox!

- Elisabeth Miller M.S. CCC-SLP, Former Autism Clinic Practicum Designer, C.L.A.S.P. International 

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