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Rewiring The Provider/Parent's Brain:

Fostering Compliance in Young Children with Autism & Special Needs-Bridging the Gap Between Readiness to Learn & Actual Performance: 

 Learn.....How cognitive, receptive language (play), and emotional development intersect, to enable a child to:

1. Be better oriented to person/place/time within his/her environment 

2. Begin understanding the demands (adults’ expectations) of that environment 

3. Get needs/wants met and self regulate within said environment 

 Learn.....How to better manage outbursts in children who have not yet learned these skills, requiring behavior management through these techniques: 

1. Indirect clinical intervention using Functional Behavioral Analysis, Proactive Attention, Sensory Processing, and AT-Concrete Time Duration Mapping

2. Direct clinical intervention with student participation      

a) Visual Strategies™ by Linda Hodgdon M.Ed., CCC-SLP 

b) Social Stories™ by Carol Gray Ph.D 

c) REPLAYS™ by Karen Levine Ph.D and Naomi Chedd M.A. 


Rewiring the Child's Brain & Fostering Theory of Mind:

Improving Cognitive Based Social Communication Skills-Going From Concrete to Abstract Language Learning in Young Children with Autism/Special Needs: 

 Learn.....How play development affects Theory of Mind,pre-literacy skills, expressive language skills, and pragmatic (functional social behavior) development, which all intersect to enable a child to:

☛ Internalize and Generalize the Socially Speaking™ Trifecta of Goals: Body Awareness, Expressing Feelings, and Problem Solving, Using Toys and Tech, during PLAY 

1. Body Awareness

a) Identify physical body parts in self and others for increased understanding of boundaries 

b) Exhibit better self regulation

c) Develop a sense of humor (physical and linguistic), for increased transitioning and resiliency

2. Express feelings

b) Label/recognize/express emotions in self and then others

c) Interpret (make inferences) the why? of feelings and predict outcomes-the beginning of Causality and Problem Solving

3. Problem Solve 

a) Learn Penina's "Five Step Problem Solving Hierarchy” 

b) Learn about “Social Blindness” and how to counteract it 

Learn..The Socially Speaking™ Evaluation Protocol to Indicate and Facilitate Readiness to Learn Specific Social Skills: 

1. “Socially Speaking™ Social Skills EI & Preschool Assessment Checklists” © 2010 by Penina Pearl Rybak MA/CCC-SLP 

2. “Socially Speaking™ Lesson Plan/ Management Template” © 2010 by Penina Pearl Rybak MA/CCC-SLP 

3. “Social Skills Kits”- Suggested Lessons © 2010 by Penina Pearl Rybak MA/CCC-SLP 

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