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Attention Speech-Language Pathologists Searching for CEUs While Getting Professional Development That's Educational AND Entertaining!

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!

-Helen Keller

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Try the Socially Speaking™ Experience! It's time for special education to shift from a crisis intervention paradigm to one of preventive/proactive intervention, to teach social communication skills more functionally, and with greater carryover. My goal is to provide a public service, based upon a unique product. I want to empower more special education service providers, parents, professionals, and children themselves, to bridge the gap between readiness to learn and actual performance re: self regulation and social communication proficiency. I provide professional development that's educational AND entertaining!

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The Socially Speaking™ Experience is all about providing dynamic and timely seminars for professionals/parents who will learn about my published Socially Speaking® Program. It is being used around North America since 2010, because it provides PRACTICAL, fun, and easy to implement, educational and behavioral strategies, using toys and tech i.e. vintage and modern play materials AND Assistive Technology, particularly iOS Apps and Apple™ tech, for young children in need. The provided information can be adapted for children with a variety of special needs, especially Autism. I touch on principals of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), neuropsychology, TEACHH™, Floor-Time™, ABA/VBT, Response to Intervention (RTI), and the Total Communication (TC) Approach, all used by knowledgeable special educators/special education service providers today. The content of my play oriented social skills curriculum, is based on current research trends, and vast personal experience. It is eclectic, developmental, sequential, and multi-sensory. It thus provides a greater impact, because it is PRACTICAL, STRUCTURED, AND FUN! 

My unique social skills curriculum incorporates a three part plan of action, from evaluation to implementation. My Socially Speaking™ App for iPad is available in the App Store! It can be integrated into the child’s IEP, as measurable goals and criteria, in sync with Behavior Intervention Plans as well. My customizable, developmental, play based asessement App, is designed to pinpoint starting points for remediation, and overall treatment goals for children at risk for social/behavioral issues. These include children with Autism/special needs, and other developmental delays. My curriculum includes my:

1. Socially Speaking™ "Social Skills Assessment" (to determine starting points for remediation)

2. Socially Speaking™ "Social Skills Lesson Plan" Template for IEP goal planning

3."Social Skills Kits" Suggested Lesson Plans for better social communication competency

-- Penina Rybak MA/CCC-SLP, TSHH

Speech-Language Pathologist and Educational Technology Consultant

🎷 Read Testimonials about My Services/products:

About My Socially Speaking™ iPad App:

I had the privilege of attending the October 2012 ERI social skills curriculum course by Penina. It was entertaining and wonderful! I left with so many tools to use! I got her App, because it is so functional, and because it provides the user with a quick & easy means of gathering pre-treatment information about students; body awareness, theory of mind, and cognitive functioning. Having such specific information before working with a student, helps the therapist to more appropriately PLAN intervention/activities. Therapists' prep time is often quite limited. Having this "tool" in one's toolbox is priceless! Takes the guesswork out of what to plan for each student. I recommend it highly!

- Ronnie Kaufman MA/CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist, New Jersey, 2012

The Socially Speaking™ App provides a quick and easy format for assessing social skills in young children and identifying goal areas. The questions are easy to understand making this an ideal tool to use with parents, teachers and day care providers. This tool is currently being used by C.L.A.S.P International, a non-profit that started the first graduate level training program for Speech-Language Pathologists in Zambia, as a valuable resource for identifying goal areas in children with Autism. The Socially Speaking™ App is easy to administer, provides developmentally appropriate social language and play goals, and the early intervention checklist provides ages of mastery for each skill in typically developing children. The Socially Speaking™ App is a valuable tool to supplement standardized test measures and provide functional goals to address in treatment. A must for every SLP's toolbox!

- Elisabeth Miller MS/CCC-SLP, Zambia, Africa, Autism Clinic Practicum Designer, C.L.A.S.P. International, 2013

About My Socially Speaking™ Seminars:

Excellent seminar! I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from it! Penina addressed many facets of social communication in Autistic students. She was a wonderful presenter who was very knowledgeable about the subject matter!

Erin Delaney Westover, MA, SLP, CCC-TSLD

Speech-Language Pathologist for the Secaucus Board of Education, July 2015

What a fantastic presentation! It more than met my expectations!

- Jean Adler MA/CCC-SLP, Senior Speech-Language Pathologist & Evaluator at E. Ramapo School District, July 2015

Penina kept us all involved! A very interactive, interesting, and practical presentation!

-- Eva Buckstein MA/CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist, July 2015 

This was a great seminar! It was interesting, informative, and very practical!

- Tami Golzman MA/CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist in NJ, July 2015

I had the absolute pleasure of connecting with Penina Rybak during my recent visit to the USA. Penina is extremely professional, dedicated and also open to collaborative work. We thus presented our first joint webinar in January 2015. Penina's knowledge on Autism and how to work with these children is outstanding,  and I learned a lot myself from this experience! I  would recommend Penina as a speaker at any conference, workshop, or webinar, and I look forward to continuing future collaborations with her!

- Karina Barley M.Ed. Education Technology Consultant, Project Autism Australia/USA, Jan. 2015

• I attended Penina's two-day Socially Speaking™ Seminar experience (2 days) and was impressed with her breadth of knowledge about interventions for students with Autism.  Her handouts provided rich resources for the use of technology, e.g. iPad Apps that are visually engaging and assist students in achieving the prerequisite skills needed for socialization and academics etc.  Her theoretical framework is rooted in a developmental model and makes a strong statement about the importance of introducing learning experiences when the student is developmentally ready.  I recommend her seminars to all educators/related service providers, especially those who work with early childhood and more behaviorally challenged students.

Charlotte A. Powell, MA, LPC, Related Services Counselor, Victoria Independent School District, Texas, Jan. 2015

• I attended Penina's Socially Speaking™ Seminar in 2010. She captivated me with her knowledge. Penina presents as a confident and entertaining speaker. She has the ability to make complicated information easy to understand. It seems as if she is a  speech-language pathologist, special educator, occupational therapist and behaviorist all rolled into one walking encyclopedia. Fast forward to 2014, I just contacted Penina in order to gain some insight on perseverative speech. She graciously responded to me (a complete stranger) and helped me understand this difficult pattern of speech that so many learners with ASD engage in. Thank you for being a specialist in your field. Our children need you!

- Joanne Grasso Orbeta, May 2014

• I really enjoyed it! It was very informative and I followed your iPad App recommendations right away! Any time I see your name associated with a conference I know it is one I must attend. They are always interesting!

- Meryl Pearlstein MA/CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist, New York, March 2014


• It was totally worth while and filled with tons of functional information that I am excited to implement!

- Sharon DeFusco, MA/CCC-SLP,  Speech- Language Pathologist, New Jersey,  October 2013

• Loads of meaningful activities packed into the seminar! I saw her twice now and learned new things both times!

- Kathy Wilz MA/CCC-SLP, Speech- Language Pathologist, Pennsylvania, October 2013

• Penina is a fantastic speaker!  She draws you in from her first word. The information is practical and realistic to implement no matter what your experience level.

- Gail Miterman, MA/CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist, New Jersey, November 2013

I attended Penina's "Socially Speaking™ Social Skills Conference" for Children with Special Needs in 2011 and have kept in touch ever since. Penina is an entertaining and dynamic speaker. She is effortlessly able to engage her audience while explaining difficult concepts. Penina really knows her topic, and has created an app, as well as number of tremendously helpful lectures on the subject of working with children with severe disabilities. I recommend Penina without reservation if you are seeking a potential speaker for your organization. 

- Tatyana Elleseff MA/CCC-SLP,  Founder Smart Speech Therapy LLC, NJ

I had the very great pleasure of attending a Penina workshop/seminar in 2012 in Columbus, OH. Nancy, a colleague, found the seminar info and asked me if I would like to attend. Both of us have been teaching for MANY years, and are always eager for new & helpful classroom techniques to employ. Teachers are a TOUGH crowd, but Penina's enthusiasm & obvious expertise kept everyone TRULY attentive. KUDOS on your ground-breaking Socially Speaking™ program!

- Zita Moses, Title 1 Teacher at the Columbus City Schools, OH

Penina is an energetic and motivating speaker/trainer. I was able to meet her and get to know her at one of her 2013 NM Socially Speaking™ iPad Seminars. Although Penina is superb at time management during her presentations, you never feel rushed. She opens herself for questions and comments, including after her speaking engagement. She offers very creative and personal examples for lessons, classroom management, apps, etc. I am excited to have started this association and look forward to the chance of collaborating on projects some time in the future!

- Prestine Parten, Instructional Technology Specialist at Deming Public Schools, NM, 2013

I met Penina Rybak at the Closing the Gap Convention in 2012, an assistive technology conference, where she was a fellow presenter. Since then, I have come to know what a highly sought after speaker she is. Penina imparts great information for educators, speech therapists and families, supporting those with special needs and especially those with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Penina truly understands the potential of technology, and provides practical, real world advice, appropriate to all ages and abilities. A recent collaboration on an educational webinar, drew a sold out audience, largely in part to her reputation. The feedback was stellar! I cannot recommend her enough, as a knowledgeable, capable and engaging presenter. Thank you Penina; your positive energy and enthusiasm is inspiring! 

- Tony Gross, Community Director, MyVoice Inc.Toronto, Canada, 2013

I attended Penina's iPad seminar in the Spring of 2013, and found it to be instructive, informative and very helpful. She was able to address individual needs while keeping the group moving forward. There were so many tips and suggestions, as well as information and websites it was hard to take it all in. However Penina prepared a very thorough set of notes (a booklet), so it has been easy to refer back to the lessons, suggestions and tips she provided. Penina gave a very energetic and enthusiastic presentation that kept me interested and paying attention. I didn't want to miss the next nugget of information. I highly recommend her iPad seminar and know it was time well spent.

- Tim Wright, Computer Teacher, Brookwood School, Manchester, MA, 2013 

I recently attended The Socially Speaking™ Social Skills Seminar on November 3, 2013. Penina is an enthusiastic speaker, who assists her audience in understanding the importance of developmental milestones and their impact on children's social skills. She has a an intuitiveness that bridges the gap between developmental research, and the use of practical strategies, to address deficit areas of development. Ones which are precursors to a child's social skills development. Thank you, Penina, for providing your seminar participants with this enlightening knowledge!

- Susan Wren Ryan MA/CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist, NJ

Penina Rybak is truly CREATIVE and has very USER-FRIENDLY strategies that REALLY WORK for anyone working with children with disabilities. Her 10/22/13 seminar surpassed my expectations and the information is SO practical.  I was able to put many of the strategies in place the following week . I will be attending another of Penina Rybak's Socially Speaking™ Seminars!   

- Debbie Stump, Ed.S, CCC-SLP, Grainger County Schools, PA

It was great hearing Penina speak again. She's full of energy and it made for a very enjoyable workshop on 10/22/13. More importantly,  I walked away with valuable information that will be helpful in working specifically with  a few of my students. Her Socially Speaking™ assessment tool App provides me with a great place to start and then helps me to develop appropriate goals that I feel comfortable with.

- Liz Navo, M.A. CCC-SLP, Clinical Director, ASPS, Inc. PA

Penina is a dynamic and charismatic speaker who is passionate about helping every child become an independent successful social communicator! I experienced Penina’s workshop on 11/3/13  entitled “Developmental Integration of Play and Pre-Literacy Apps: Which iPad App to Use When?” and it was very informative!

Penina’s Socially Speaking™  framework and curriculum appears to be supported by evidence-based theories, and incorporates a systematic structured approach to intervention while drawing from the developmental, cognitive and behavior learning principles and theories. Penina’s social skills curriculum focuses on functionally and socially relevant outcome. I recommend this workshop to others.  Brava Penina!

- Lina Slim-Topdian, MA, CCC-SLP, BCBA, Dual Certification: Speech Therapy & ABA

Founder/Executive Director of Educational and Behavioral Services ASAP-A Step Ahead Program, LLC, NJ 

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