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 Integrate Toys and Tech in Treatment Today! Changes in Thinking Can Yield Results By:

  • Having fun and decreasing passivity
  • Being developmental and sequential about goal planning & delivery 
  • Being multi-sensory, to creatively appeal to child’s interests/learning style
  • Giving a common language and ground for child's IEP team

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Isn't it time to add technology to your toolbox? Learn how to pair toys and tech i.e. iPad Apps in treatment for better outcomes re: social skills development in youngsters with Autism/special needs! The Socially Speaking™ Experience in a textbook now on Amazon…..

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The Makers of the Terrific "Picture This" CD  & "Visual Suite" CD Have Done It Again! The iEra Answer to Boardmaker™  Lovers Looking for Mobile Visual Supports!

Visual Creator is a dream come true for parents/professionals in the special education/Autism intervention arenas who are on the go, and looking to create a wide variety of individualized visual supports on the iPad for all ages and stages! This is the first app I've come across to fully realize the integration of student-centric learning with the therapist's and/or teacher's curricula in the age of digital citizenship! This awesome app has a really clean user interface and a very easy to use drop-down menu to help you create "boards" where you can upload/change photos, add text, save to your device, and export to share with others via Email. Visual Creator  is a fully customizable (find pre-made grids and photos in many categories or create your own templates using your own photos) stunningly simple, extremely versatile tool with many uses, such as: 

• Visual Schedules and Reinforcer Rosters using a variety of styles from cute to functional

• Social Stories with edit-ready text boxes

• PECS and AAC Boards with different layout choices

• Lesson Plans for teaching target vocabulary such as: body parts, prepositions, categorizing, sequencing, emotions, household furniture, and money matters

• Articulation Drill cards and Bingo Games for a variety of IEP goals

This app can be used for both behavior management and instruction, and runs the gamut from pre-literacy to vocational training. The possibilities are endless and if you have questions, I can personally vouch that the tech support is handled graciously and promptly! My only suggestion is that since it doesn't have a search box for quick inquiries, make sure you plan out the pictures/words you want to use, so you can find it in the drop-down menu categories list. 

Final Words: 

The Visual Creator iPad App is a dream come true for a digital immigrant who acts like a native but couldn't find an alternative to Boardmaker™ for the iPad….until now. This app is truly unique as evidenced by the creative templates provided, and the creativity you can hone in a variety of ways. This app delivers on all counts, and genuinely helps the child in need of visual cues to facilitate comprehension and self-regulation, particularly those with Autism. This app costs $29.99 USD but is well worth the price, I mean it! It's quickly become one of my favorites in my Top Ten Toolbox (which I discuss in my Socially Speaking™ Seminars) and is now my one-stop shopping and go-to therapy tool with my students after test-driving it extensively.  I like using it, the students like seeing it, parents and teachers like getting Emails showing them exactly what the child is learning, and school administrators will like this swiss army knife tool that is relatively inexpensive! The IEP team will certainly have an easier time "getting on the same page"! Best of all, the ed-tech and IT professionals will not have to worry about user-snafus or uploading endless photos to PhotoStream or the cloud, to give a variety of choices….they're built in! 

- Penina

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