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📝 About the Founder/CEO of Socially Speaking LLC:

     Penina Pearl Rybak MA/CCC-SLP, TSHH, is an educational technology consultant, Autism Specialist, iPad Evangelist, curriculum developer, author, and practicing, licensed, and ASHA certified pediatric speech-language therapist. She provides national/international conferences on social communication strategies, specifically strategic, customizable, and developmental  iPad Use for young children with special needs, particularly Autism. She is the founder/CEO of Socially Speaking LLC, a boutique educational consulting firm established in 2010. Her Socially Speaking™ App for iPad, an assessment protocol for determining starting points for remediation for children at risk for social communication difficulty, is now available in iTunes. It is based upon developmental norms and speech therapy techniques re: behavior management and play  Her book, Autism Intervention in the iEra was published in 2015.    

       Penina’s perspective is shaped by her diversified experience treating young children with various special needs, and use of Apple™ Technology and other Assistive Technology (AT) to enhance social  communication development. She has participated in the NY TRAID Project with the Westchester Institute of Human Development in the 90s, and spearheaded the Boardmaker™ Initiative in a NY charter school from 2008-2010. Penina has also completed guidelines for a social skills curriculum that can be integrated into a school’s overall curriculum. It is in the process of being published and will be available soon.

    Penina’s Socially Speaking™ Social Skills Curriculum is practical, comprehensive, and insightful. It works together with a child’s overall IEP goals, especially the Behavior Intervention Plan (which is now documented every year into the IEP, as per the federal revisions for the 2004 IDEA). It is a culmination of the years of service she has provided, in remediating both communication and behavior, in a diverse population of students with special needs.

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I founded my boutique educational consulting firm, Socially Speaking LLC, in 2010. My goal is to provide a public service, based upon a unique product. I provide national/international informative, concise, multimedia seminars about my trademarked and copyrighted Socially Speaking™ Curriculum on social skills intervention and educational technology trends. My Socially Speaking™ Social Communication Curriculum, is primarily designed for young preschool/early elementary school children with special needs, particularly Autism. It is based upon the premise that improving orientation to person/place/time through play,  helps facilitate better social communication overall. My mission is to empower special educators and parents with a simple message: learn to bridge the gap between a special child's readiness to learn and actual performance. I saw early on, that someone had to come forward, and evangelize the iPad as a game changer in the world of special education. I launched my Socially Speaking™ App for iPad in May 2012, and my Socially Speaking™ iPad Seminar in Oct 2012. My social skills curriculum and App are being used all over the USA, Canada, and now in Zambia, Africa at the CLASP International Autism Clinic. My other project is to empower women, especially in the educational sector, to join the Entrepreneurial Revolution! My business book was published in 2014 by Maven House Press! You can follow me on Twitter and Slideshare for more information! My Autism text book's coming soon…...

Join the Journey for Change! It's my comany motto, aimed at doing things differently, and making you think differently. Socially Speaking LLC provides educational AND entertaining seminars, to professionals/parents interested  in the practical facilitation of social skills and play development in young children with Autism and other special needs. I provide fully illustrated, comprehensive, and easy to use copyrighted and trademarked seminar handouts, some of of which are available on this website, in the PDF Section. Please visit EACH page of this website,  and click the underlined text & photos all over this website for more info! Thanks for visiting! Good Luck!

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